Here are two favorite logical fallacies of religionists and fideists and their Dogmatic-Propaganda:
Complex Question Fallacy and Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy, which are often used in tandem kind of like this, the universe had a beginning, and if god was not the power before the beginning of the universe you must explain what was. So if you cannot prove that god was not the power before the beginning or that god is not needed or does not exist, that means god was the needed power to create the universe and god must exist.
The Complex Question Fallacy is roughly when someone asks a question that presupposes something (often with loaded language or questions) that is not proven.
The Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy is roughly acting that something must be true because it has not been, or cannot be, proven false even if it has not in any way ben demonstrated as true.
By Damien Marie AtHope