The question should not just be is there a god, but which gods we are to contemplate, the new ones or old ones. Not that it really matters much in the end, as they all eventually cease to exist or replaced for something new. If there were a true god deity, would he not make himself known as soon as hominoids could think or at least by around 100,000 years ago when the first confirmed human burial took place or at least, by around 50,000 years ago when it is thought we fully achieved modern behavioral and cognitive traits?

However, this is not the case at all, instead the male god myths do not seem to exist for tens of thousands of years or must have held less status until around 6,000 or so years ago. What was prominent before the male god myths seems to be female goddesses and animals or aspects of nature, which were held as spirits or something like deities. Female goddesses and not male gods seemingly starting after 12,000 years ago for sure, but maybe go back to 40,000 years ago or even longer, who knows hypothetically in some fashion to possibly over 200,000 years ago, but maybe not. So not much credibility can be given prehistorically for the male gods, thus why add any credence to them now.

Therefore, male gods prominent in the current religions of the world today have a self-life of only around 6,000 or so years ago, not much of a showing if it is a male god who supposedly created everything. Why wait through 95% of human existence to make yourself known? As little over 5,000 years is when it looks like god deities really develop or finally leave the shadows and are promoted in a way that can be identified today. The male god deities, so many now hold faith in today, such as in the abrahamic religions said to start around 4,000 years ago or less with judaism’s patriarch Abraham was a late bloomer to say the least, as this abrahamic male god did not really beginning to be written down until around 3,000 years ago.

And why, we must wonder did it take so long to start writing the jewish holy book, which as you may know took around 1,000 years to finish. Well because other peoples had to create and spread written language, for the israelites to barrow from, as their god did not I guess, put big stock in literacy or would not the jews be the first ones with writing, if only their god was real.

Moreover, one must ask if real, why did he not do anything to become known even when the creation of other male gods started. Nevertheless, it was not until around 2,000 years ago that the prospects of the male god deity became the most popular supplanting and completely surpassing female goddesses such as it is in the present day.

By Damien Marie AtHope


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