Religion hurts children in many unrealized ways such as not knowing fantasy from reality. As a study highlights children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. (to read more)

To more deeply understand the problem of child indoctrination you must understand child development psychology toward animistic thinking.

You may wonder what animistic thinking is.

As it relates to psychology, animistic magical thinking for instance was a part of Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. When children are not born believers but at ages under 8 do not yet understand concrete logic and cannot mentally grasp or analyze with critical thinking the world around them, they tend to creatively interject irrational beliefs seeing things, phenomenon, experiences or events in reality from a superstitious and/or supernaturalistic thinking mix of magical, animistic, or “nonnatural” conceptions of significance, causality, meaning or of beingness.

The psychology expressed by animistic thinking is characterized by the child’s belief that inanimate objects, for current example, dolls, possess desires, beliefs, and feelings in a similar way that the child does. A child is showing animistic thinking when they explain that a stuffed toy wants to talk to them, protect them, and loves them.

Can you see why religions so desperately feel the need to push religion on children for it is at such an age they hold a natural inclination to non-natural beliefs? If no one were presented a religion until 18 years old, there would likely be little religion in the world.

By Damien Marie AtHope

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A child to me can no more choose a religion than a political party. In highly religious families a child is not allowed to believe or not believe freely or even thought all options then allowed to choose for themselves they are forced, controlled and indoctrinated. Can the child reject the religion or choose it’s opposite and be supported and loved anyway? Not in almost any religion or believer parent or caretakers I have seen if it happens you are lying to say that is the norm. Kids are defenseless. To me if a child wishes to believe or not believe by observing an adult they can I am against indoctrination. I feel the same as if they by watching adults wish to believe they are part a political party but that in no way gives them a right to vote. I am dedicated in trying to promote the idea that religion is choice of mature adults. It is subversive to the psychological, sociological, emotional, and personal mental sovereignty to excessively expose minors to religious indoctrination.

The above pic is the moment before learning of the destructive term called god is possibly one of the best and the most free times of your life. Don’t teach the god myth.

The pic above is the moment your told you are already condemned to die, because you were born with sin and god hates you; unless you beg him.