Humans seem to have a need to mythicized
It is interesting how many people act like there is only one god myth in the world. They must not realize the concept is more varied then races or types of people on the earth.
Throughout history and prehistory, humans have ascribed various powers to supernatural beings. Such creatures include the immortal gods and goddesses. Humans seem to have a need to mythicized the world around them as such have worshiped over 3,700 Supreme Beings. Some are given credit for the creation of the world and mankind, or food, warfare, love, and all the other good and bad elements of life. Yet even mythicizing believers can be pretty sure most of these were simply invented. However, such believers are generally sure that their specific cozen mythicizing god and religion is real whilst the gods or religions others believe in are false.
What evidence do they have for this belief? Once it is challenged mythicizing believers have no evidence to offer either. Though it seem not to faze them at all that they too have just as evidenceless and reality contrary a faith in their immortal gods, goddesses or supernatural beings as real then that their fellow yet different cozen mythicizing believers whom they see god and religion are false.
So why do they believe this need to mythicized with such passion and such blind abandon? Possibly the inculcation of mythicizing belief is a function of familial or culture capital—not of evidence. We can all see that religions follow families and the communities they live in because they not only purpose such beliefs they normalize them and require them to mythicized.
Inculcation: to fix something firmly in somebody’s mind through frequent, forceful repetition.
By Damien Marie AtHope