Rational belief not religion.

It is rational to believe the world is devoid of supernatural powers and all things have only natural causes.

To me atheism is a rational belief that irrational god claims don’t have worth to believe in.

The scientific method is a rational method to ascertain real facts about the world, which to me makes concepts like realism and naturalism worth believing in.

Scientific inquiry involves imagination, insight, creativity, and rational beliefs.

Rational methods produce rational beliefs.

Thus I am okay with atheism as a rational belief system.

What I am not okay with theistic believers trying to put their irrational belief lacking epistemic worth on the same foot atheistic believers rational belief with epistemic worth on the same footing.

Also I hate when theistic believers are intellectually dishonest saying atheism is a religion. Atheism is no more a religion than sobriety is an addiction.

Some atheists get unnecessarily defensive in asserting that their position isn’t a positive claim.

If some atheists wish to do so that is their right to believe so but to me it is still “unnecessary” because there should be nothing shameful or distasteful about making positive rational claims about the nature of the universe.

Belief is not faith and faith is not valid for belief. Faith is the claimed source of knowledge acquisition proposed by theists to try and validate their irrational baseless belief in god(s).

Reason and evidence are the source of knowledge acquisition proposed by atheists to validate their rational based disbelief in god(s). Faith as a claimed acquisition of knowledge is not worth believing in.