We need to make everyone understand the nature of values. Yes, the very impartation of value consciousness is what is required. So, one could ask what is “Value Consciousness” can be viewed as Value Awareness, Aware Value Critiques, or Valid Value Judgments. I have offered several different ways to view it but am now sticking to “Value Consciousness” such as following specific thinking tools people use and assessing them reliably: some limited thinking tools we employ are desire, interest, taste, feeling, faith, etc. The characteristics of these or such tools must not conflate there truth acquisition or truth conformation ability or potential. First assessing them with a “Value Consciousness” exposes that they have obvious limitations or even inability to see or adequately judge objective truth worthy to be called knowledge. Instead “they” (desire, interest, taste, feeling, faith, etc) at best can only project a situational subjective half-truth and are in stark contrast to valid distinctions rightly following forms of value consciousness / value awareness or aware value critiques / valid value judgments such as logical thinking and proven evidence necessarily to be products of specific thinking tools people use and assessing them reliably to reach truth or reliable knowledge. Now we can use this clear thinking “Value Consciousness” to analyze atheism clearly. As such, we see atheism is the conclusion that there is no evidence nor any reliable reason to support the assertion of existence of any magic or supernatural including the god hypnosis. Even more the ontology of atheism at least is a lack of faith based thinking and should rightly follow or be seen as utilizing critical, empirical or rational based thinking at least in relation to the existence of magic or supernatural anything including the god hypnosis. I have heard the objection; Damien you are assuming that atheists are justified in being so, or that they should be. Well, atheists are justified in being not believing in god(s) whether or not they offer a justification but most do offer at least science. In addition, most theists would offer a justification even though it would not truly be justified which would be understood if they held their beliefs to “Intellectual Honesty” not fact devoid faith. All rational people appropriately using their rational thinking about the gods question are non-theists, regardless if they hold the atheist label it is accepting reality as it presents itself: which is only natural at every level, in every science, in every test done ever, is a mighty mountain of warrant as well as justification that believers with their nonsense faith cannot nor never will surpass and to not see such clear supreme justification available to reject or lack belief at that point one must be deluded.

By Damien Marie AtHope