What do you do as an atheist when a child asks about gOD?

I think authenticity with children is best, just like all people. I see this the same as when a child asks about gay.

What I do is simply say what I think not that it is how everyone else sees things. I am a more extreme atheist then most atheists and I tell them that to. I say I am atheist reject all gods as fake and reject all religions as untrue as well. I say this is only how I see it others are free to see it different. Mostly a child asks me why I feel this way and I simply say lots of studying. If they want more information but are too young I say you would not understand and leave it at that. I did this a few times when I worked with kids in the youth after school care center for inner city kids ages from 5 to 17.

If they are older I say why I think so appropriate to age, as some of my scientific or philosophic thinking can be hard even for some adults.

But I say I respect children how they think no matter how they believe. Most kids under 12 I talked too say they believe in god, some older ones tell me they don’t know, and two teens said they were atheists too and are so glad to hear someone else say they did not believe.

To me we should love and support children freely no matter whatever they choose to believe and offer information without coercion or hiding what we personally think.

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