The Principles of Body Sovereignty
1. Every individual owns his body.
2. As owner of his body each individual has the right to decide:
(a) where it is located
(b) how it is housed or clothed
(c) how it is nourished
(d) how it is maintained.
(e) how it is trained or disciplined.
3. As owner of his body each individual has the right to determine what goes into it (food, drugs, organs) and the disposition of what comes out of it (tissue, excrement, work.)
4. As owner of his body each individual has the right to decide what is done to and with his body (sexual relations, medical procedures, physical contact.)
Every individual owns the products of his body (work, ideas, organs, tissue, waste.) Ref
Damien, I support your atheism and I believe in a Godless universe, I do support tradition. Going against circumcision is like trying to restrict woman’s right to choose by those who oppose you. They want the government out of your business, but inside your pants. What you are advocating here has the smell of the same kind of intervention. Let them do it if they believe it’s important, if this is what they view as their religious obligation. The kid will not remember the single moment of pain. I don’t, and I bet, you don’t. There is no long term damage in consequence. So don’t fight it; let it go.

My Response, what about child’s body sovereignty rights? What matters more to you violation of ethics or tradition, and if you think a violation of rights is ok because of tradition which tradition is too much and who decides? Doing unnecessary medical procedures on a child without consent is unethical. Male Circumcision and the Rights of the Child: The main conclusion of the study was that female genital mutilation is a harmful traditional practice in the sense of Article 24(3) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and that the States Parties accordingly should take all effective and appropriate measures to abolish this practice. In discussing the results of the research with Peter Baehr, he asked me whether the conclusions drawn in the report would also apply to male circumcision. Although the issue of male circumcision was not dealt with in the research on female genital mutilation, it was frequently mentioned in the literature and other material studied at that time. Ref

Damien, you are no different from the ones who oppose women’s right to choose. They talk about abortion the same way you talk about circumcision. There is still a big difference through. Abortion terminates a potential life, whereas circumcision only enhances the pleasure later on in life… I know. I speak from experience. And I have no problem not remembering my own “Brith” It must have been a trip. They let me have wine for the first time in my life. Can you claim that kind of high at that young age? And by the way, female genital mutilation damages the woman for the rest of her life. You can’t compare that to circumcision. And if you do, you refuse to see the illogical claim you are advocating.

My Response, wrong that is your position, you are no different from the ones who oppose women’s right to choose. I am saying only the child has a right to choose over their body not you, not a parent or garden, not traditions. And by the way, male genital mutilation damages the man for the rest of his life, without his consent. The foreskin (or prepuce) is a man’s most sensitive erogenous zone, more well-developed in humans than in other species of mammal. It has unique sexual functions (more on that later), which circumcision effectively destroys. Ref As for your flawed representation, the abortion issues are before birth, when this issue is about the child after birth. When one cannot abort or terminate the life of the child. As for omens rights it’s because the developing being in the woman’s body and she can decide what stays in her body a woman has no rights to terminate a child once born because the child is now separate and thus has its own rights to body and rights.

Damien, you are advocating a position without the consent of those who had gone through it while not being consulted. If you conduct a survey and ask all those who got circumcised if they would sue their circumcisers (a new word I have just made up), I bet that you’ll find out that almost all of them agree with those who inflicted that “pain” on them. The proof lies in the fact that the tradition continues (by those who got circumcised) from one generation to the next. Interestingly enough, I also believe that circumcision is a stupid custom, but I don’t think that it’s worth a fight and an alienation of a whole group of people who believe in that tradition, where some of them see it as an obligation. It simply does not carry that kind of weight. Not even close.

My Response, well the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. It contains: 10,000 to 20,000 nerve endings (the most frequently cited statistic), or 20,000 to 70,000 (the most recently cited statistic). This statement about foreskin sensitivity is somewhat recent. It is one of the most popular statements made to justify the campaign against routine infant circumcision – and one of the most difficult to verify! One, major problem with the number, is that the foreskin, like all skin, contains at least 7 different types of nerve endings, not just the ones that stimulate the foreskin and produce sexual stimulation, and eventually, produce orgasm and ejaculation.

Damien, so why am I not complaining?

My Response, so, what does it matter if you like the way you are or even wanted to cut off your parts off. The issue of ethics of others rights is not based on your likes. Thus, what Ii or you are ok with or like means nothing about human rights or body sovereignty rights of others including children. In addition, since you did not likely have your circumcision after being sexually active as an adult, you really don’t know if it could be better and anyway all humans deserve the right to consent to what happens to their body. I like tattoos this does not mean everyone could or would want the pain to have them this means only the person can and gas the right to alter or modify their body.

Damien you keep advocating a position against the will of the people you are trying to protect. These people are in complete disagreement with you. Now, stop and think. Do you make any sense? Again, if you did not get it. The same people you are trying to protect are telling you to stop. They do not agree with you and want you to go away. These people are now adults, they happened to be babies. They were circumcised without being consulted. And they tell you to shut up. It’s not me. I don’t care so much about this specific issue. I think it’s a nonsensical one. I just try to tell you that it’s not a big deal and it’s not worth my and your time. I don’t even know why I am doing it now. I’d better stop.

My Response, you are advocating against child rights; I support a child of legal age choosing if they wish to give consent to  get circumcision. Because children are still developing, both physically and mentally, they aren’t considered capable of handling the same rights as mature adults. However, children do have some inherent legal rights as soon as they are born, and they obtain some additional rights as they grow. Children are not allowed to vote, hold property, consent to medical treatment, sue or be sued, or enter into certain types of contracts. Moreover, when they have the right to consent they can choose how to use it. Ref

Intact America, an organization devoted to ending infant circumcision, has launched a campaign to tell the American Academy of Pediatrics that they need to STOP promoting infant circumcision. In January 2016, the AAP published a report stating that babies shouldn’t be subjected to unnecessary pain. We agree. But they continue to promote circumcision, an extremely painful and unnecessary procedure carried out on children who
cannot consent.

I signed Intact America’s petition because circumcision is medically unnecessary and painful, and violates babies’ rights. Will you stand by me and add your name, too? Just go to this link, and then share it with your friends and family:

Blurred lines: Human sex chromosome swapping occurs more often than previously thought

By Damien Marie AtHope