I was chastised in a private message on my page Axiological Atheist, here is my responses:
“religion in general isn’t all bad”
…. this is not a justification for anything, it’s more an excuse. Poison, taken in small amounts in general isn’t all bad, that does not make it good nor does it somehow remove it from the need to be critical of its use….
“your page and it seemed Christianity”
…. So what if it was only about challenging one religion? But this page in general anti-fideism, anti-all-religions, strong-atheist: anti all gods, anti-agnostic/pro-ignostic, anti-pseudo-science, anti-pseudo-history, and anti-pseudo-morality. Secular Humanist, rationalist, as well as promotes science, philosophy, realism, and axiology….
“I’m still researching multiple religions and historical texts”
…. Want to know a little on religions? Here is my blog post: *Evolution of Religion & Religious Sexism*
“the subject of Christianity, especially derived from the Old Testament but the New Testament translated multiple times these messages, or “letters” as most of the book is composed of, are misconstrued.”
…. I know a lot on Christianity the religion of my upbringing which I was until age 36 when Ii became an atheist in college; I am 45 now. There are only 21 letters in the New Testament most written by Paul. The Old Testament (also known as the Jewish Tanakh) is the first 39 books in most Christian Bibles. Christian Bibles range from the 66 books of the Protestant canon to the 81 books in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church canon. Here is a link to a side by side literal translation of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) removing the nonsense claim that it is that misconstrued, no it’s just nonsense….
Here is my blog post on Christianity and Jesus:
“Jews didn’t really have a comprehension of Satan”
…. I am informed on the nonsense of Satan….
Here is my blog post on Satan:
“Flood story real or not encourages people that believe in this faith to stay strong in it. That’s just Christianity, there’s plenty examples of this in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and even Buddhism.”
…. this is not a justification for anything, it’s more an excuse. I oppose all faith thinking.
Here is 5 of my blog posts on faith:
“There are plenty of people who do believe in one of these and live their lives without condescending others. The few that do are hypocrites to what they believe in. They spread hate regardless if it’s about skin color, or a sexual preference.”
…. this is not a justification for anything, it’s more an excuse. Even the so called god people in religion push their lies on children, indoctrinating them with their dogmatic-propaganda….
Here is my blog posts on indoctrinating:
“Technically I’m an atheist since I don’t really believe in anything definitively quite yet? I’m not quite sure but I do know that spreading hate won’t help. People have free will to chose what they believe in.”
…. Religion is a joke to rationality, that sadly, too many believe. I hate the Dogmatic-Propaganda that is religion not the indoctrinated victims who believe it. Of course, that concession is only for the flawed belief. As I do hold people accountable for harmful behaviors and even if some religion as it is today is not a reason for harm, it is a commonly used excuse employed by those who wish to harm….
“But spreading hate/negative things about others even if you don’t believe in any of them is just a form perverted persuasion towards a cause.”
…. this is not a justification for anything, it’s more an excuses for dogmatic-propaganda. I attack thinking not people, religion and its lies have no right to anything and this can and I will brutalize them and try to reason people out of them all I can as hard as I can until I die, it is an ethical imperative to free as many mental slaves I can….
Here is my blog posts on open dialog:
“I’m glad that you have your views, you’re a human being and they’re yours to have. I’m just asking instead of trying to cut down other people’s faith you just educate them about what you believe in.”
…. No, I will not and I laugh that you even think you can ask me on my atheist page to do that for you, I would say you are infected with accommodationism bad to even try. I am a hardcore firebrand atheist and am anti-accommodationism….
Here is my blog posts on firebrand atheist:
“Even if you don’t believe in anything advocate why you don’t. Show people that even if they don’t agree on something, they don’t have to hate it or have a negative connotation about it.”
…. Don’t try to tell me what to do!!! There are authoritarian truth seekers and anti-authoritarian truth seekers, I am an anti-authoritarian truth seeker….
Here is my blog posts on anti-authoritarian truth seekers:
“You seem really educated, I’d love to learn more about your views so hopefully I can form my own with a better understanding.”
…. I am an educated autodidact (a self-taught person) on many subjects, but also have a degree in psychology….
“I just want to ask if you’d be willing to be positive in your posts and views? Show people that even if you are atheistic doesn’t mean you hate other faiths/religions. You are obviously influential enough to get 19k followers, and I think you could show people positivity in atheism!”
…. Don’t try to tell me what to do!!! I am sorry your confused as to who toy get to control. Likewise, you’re also not entitled to have your opinions being respected, I don’t respect them if toy missed that!!! And I am positive to people but am not positive to any religious ideas, as ideas and I do not have too. In cased you are confused religion is not a person, religion has no rights, religion has no feelings, religion cannot be physically harmed when attacked, religion has no dignity to violate, religion has no inalienable right to even exist, religion cannot be ashamed as it is an idea or set of ideas and not a living or experiencing thing, religion deserves no special treatment or protection and as it is a chosen belief, like all beliefs or ideas it can be challenged, ridiculed, devalued, attached, put down, made fun of, exposed, etc. Believing otherwise is not thinking critical thinking….