Is there a similarity in shamanism and/or invention of nature magic / deities?
Maybe not, but there is interesting looking similarities.
1. First is “The Sorcerer” cave art shaman, 14,000–13,000 years ago, (France)
*Certain scholars question the validity of the sketch, claiming that modern photographs do not show the famous antlers. However, “The Sorcerer” is composed of both charcoal drawings and etching within the stone itself. Details, such as etching, are often difficult to view from photographs due to their size and the quality of the light source. Prominent French prehistorian Jean Clottes asserts that the sketch is accurate (‘I have seen it myself perhaps 20 times over the years’).
2. Next, is a female shaman, 9,000-8,500 years ago, (Germany).
3. Then, “Shiva Pashupati” Indus Valley Civilization (Indian) Shamanism 4,600–3,900 years ago
4. Then “Gundestrup cauldron” European (found in Denmark, made in Bulgaria or Romania) Shamanism 2,200–1,700 years ago
5. Then, in 1692 is the earliest known depiction of a Siberian shaman, (Samoyedic- and Tungusic-speaking peoples).