Religion is little more than organized lying, with internal group religio-centric inclusion driven reality; most often due to long-term child hood indoctrination as well as socio-religious programing pushed again and again. This indoctrination, weather by intent or not, is a structure of hypnotic manipulation. Such manipulation causes deep kinship like bond, turning the “I Believe in xyz religion because I am compelled by its level of evidence” to “I Am xyz religion and Nothing can ever change that as my family have always been and will always be xyz religion”, an internal intergroup obligation to the religion, instead of instead on possessing a real and earnest understanding of the of reality at hand. Claiming to know things you don’t know is a rough estimate for the definition of both lying and certainly in religious beliefs. Therefore, strong religious beliefs are lying, thus, those believing them and expressing religious assurity are then by definition liers. Stop lying and claiming to know things not only you don’t know but that which by complete lack of any kind of evidence or reason must be rejected as outright lying. Saying I have a feeling is only evidence of a feeling. Feeling by themselves don’t create things in the world, nor can they confirm it either. So, stop lying and saying it can.
PS. Lying, verb (used without object): “To speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive. Or, to express what is false; convey a false impression.” Ref