What is a god?

Is it correct to hold a belief that theists, such as Christians actually have a concept of something nonexistent labeled “GOD”, just like we all have a concept of something nonexistent labeled “unicorns”?

Do they really have any reality tangible concept to label “the god concept” because without it are not beliefs about “the god concept” reality intangible? A concept of something nonexistent labeled “GOD”, is not tangible and is incapable of being perceived as something in or of reality. It is an unknowable reality intangible unfounded speculation, not a known concept.

Such as, can we not form a somewhat reality tangible concept to label “the unicorn concept,” for we can conceive of a horse and a singular horn in order to intelligibly have a unicorn concept. Can we not generate a mental picture of a concept that fits the label unicorn, but one cannot really close their eyes and conjure up any concept of anything labeled “GOD” even though no one has any more reason to believe in unicorns then gods.

I do reject that the god label has any meaning in reality and that any effort given to a god concept is still nothing but lies made up claiming to know or give believed qualities and it is that which I am rejecting as an atheist. But when asked if I believe an offered deity such as Allah to me I am an ignostic atheist (I reject the god label as expressing anything real, also reject the belief of any god concept connecting to anything real).

I don’t believe that the label “God” refers to anything imaginable. That doesn’t mean I don’t also reject the claim offered thus am Atheist as well. You are saying I must choose and I am saying I don’t think I have to. If you ask is god an intelligible thing no. Do I believe the claims given to it no. Thus, to me I can be both hold in myself the stance it is meaningless therefore Ignostic and reject their claim of a god so am an atheist.

To me Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., do not really believe in a god at all, as no one can. Why? Because there is no way to actually believe in an undefinable in reality, unknown from reality, and non-positional to reality as the opposite is required to know something, therefore this only believe that they believe that the label “God” refers to something imaginable but god is like a square circle stateable in words even understandable as separate pieces but impossible by design when added together.

What do you mean by god?
God claims all of them totally lack a standard of meeting any warrant or justification, in their burden of proof, thus, the claim as offered debunks itself as any kind of viable claim. or at least is is unjustified. There is irrefutable evidence against the claim of gods, because simply everywhere we look in the world all we find is only natural, and this standard is permissible just as we apply it in legal courts to find, catch, and convict criminals. In other words they must use secondary indirect evidence as the crime in question (such as murder) is not committed in the courtroom in front of the jury, thus not cannot be directly realized or analyzed meaning it takes a presumption of secondary indirect evidence as its irrefutable evidence/highest epistemic standard (ie. beyond a reasonable doubt). So why would a atheist have to reserve doubt or rejection of a god claim at some higher epistemic standard then we utilize convict and even execute people we think committed murder. So What do you mean by god and how do you know that?
By Damien Marie Athope