What’s Wrong Believer?

When I see, a believer complaining, I think, “What is wrong? Did prayer not work?” or “I thought everything happens for a reason?” The most fundamental believers seem to almost completely rely on pseudo-intuition for everything good feeling god is guiding you give him the glory but are sometimes practical in realizing things are going wrong but instead of blaming god or their reliance on pseudo-intuition think it’s just life being unfair or hard.

Moreover, even though fundamental believers sometimes are practical in realizing things are going wrong they do not connect that some of the things going wrong are directly because of them relying on pseudo-intuition. Intuition will work at times but it will also mislead you or may partially deviate from facts or reason, or even wholly pervert accusation of facts in giving deliverance to exaggerations or extravagances, impossibilities, or delusions.

Consequently, at the very time when you suppose that you are being infallibly guided by intuition, you may in fact be strongly guided by pseudo-intuition which is something quite different. You may believe that you are honoring higher guidance when in actuality you are dishonoring facts or reason and choosing deceptions and unreason.

Prayer: “a Useless Action Some Wrongly Think is Useful”

Well, prayer often is used as a self-serving tool. In fact, many times, I have had prayer used against me as a threat and the ones who are threat or force praying against me believe by doing it supports their position in superiority and truth. Why would a religionist/fideist threat or force pray for as an atheist? Force pray or force prayer is telling someone you know who does not want you to pray for them or does not believe in prayer and you say, “I will pray for you” against their will and is a put down or a threat to demonstrate their power over your will. This is something common that christians do to atheists when the christian thinks they have lost the argument. Usually, they will perform a force pray claim at the atheist, which is made as a means of getting in the last word or having the upper hand rather than any true form of care. Instead of the “Force Pray” for me as an atheist, why make this threat, if it is a believed good deed then make it mean something and why not instead pray for the innocent suffering children of the world? You know the ones, the loving god you believe in, will do nothing to save the children from rape, abuse, starvation, and death. I mean, if your imaginary god does not give a shit about innocent suffering children of the world, why would it matter, if you put in a good word on my behalf. What is it with your ridiculous faith in prayer? Even prayer on your behalf to your imaginary friend, only gets you imaginary help.

If you must pray for me, please do whatever makes you feel better about yourself as it does nothing for me. Nevertheless, watch out atheists, for theists have a secret weapon better than our facts or reason, it is simply to tell us non-theists “I will pray for you.” I just have to laugh and think; really, the prayer myth is as equally ridiculous as the fairy dust myth. Prayer for others is like mental masturbation; sure, it makes you feel good as you are even doing something while doing absolutely nothing for the other person. Don’t think prayer is like masturbation well both please only the person doing it and does nothing for the person they’re thinking about. Well now that I think of it prayer is nothing and at least masturbation gets results. So stop wasting time in mental masturbation if you see someone in need actually help them don’t say “I will pray for you.” And please don’t throughout the dreaded “I will pray for you” when someone does not want your prayers or you ae just using t like a threat thinking you have some upper hand over us nonbelievers. Oh no not that, “I will pray for you” proclamation to regain lost power in an argument with an atheist. When you threat pray at us, we cringe and cower at such a powerful dreaded comeback. Not we laugh at you or are sad at such willful delusion as “I will pray for you” and we usually thinking sarcastically, which out stand back the shit just got real now. I am in for it and they are invoking their imaginary friend to help them bully me. I interpret “I will pray for you”, as a way to state with contempt that they as theists with the invoking of a threat prayer like magic makes them superior and us as non-theists completely inferior. The religionist/fideist invokes their incantation, “I will pray for you,” in other words, “I know I cannot do anything about this argument or reasoning, and I will summon my ‘imaginary delusion’” and as if that is going to do something. Oh, it will do something all right; it will give them the same delusion of helping as it always does. The “I will pray for you” statement for religionists/fideists is as if a trump card that once stated counteracts all facts or reason offered then allows them to win no matter what. I do not like the “I will pray for you” statement at all because the thought of someone thinking of me on their knees and mumbling to themselves is just creepy. I hate when people say that to me especially and repeatedly in the same discussion as like a threat. It just hits a nerve and it is a very annoying statement and not one of care or their claimed love.

We must wonder why they even say the “I will pray for you” statement, when ‘god’ is already doing what he feels is right or do they claim to know what is better than god does. Moreover, it is actually in a way against the bible anyway to proclaim prayer at people in public. Matthew 6:5-6 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly, I tell you, they have received their reward in full. However, when you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Non-religionists and ones who do not value fideism or reality do not just pray to some fantasy other world and instead, actually help others who are hurting in this real world. One pair of open hands assisting another in a positive action does more than a thousand hands closed in the futile inaction of prayers that it does not even help the ones praying let along anyone else. Prayer is working hard at accomplishing nothing!

Nothing fails like prayer: The three-year Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP), published in the April 4 American Heart Journal, was the largest-ever attempt to apply scientific methods to measure the influence of prayer on the well-being of another. It examined 1,800 patients undergoing heart-bypass surgery. On the eve of the operations, church groups began two weeks of praying for one set of patients. Each recipient had a praying contingent of about 70, none of whom knew the patient personally. The study found no differences in survival or complication rates compared with those who did not receive prayers. The only statistically significant blip appeared in a subgroup of patients who were prayed for and knew it. They experienced a higher rate of postsurgical heart arrhythmias (59 versus 52 percent of unaware subjects). As the debunking of prayer was so thorough they have no plans for a follow-up study. This one, sponsored largely by the John Templeton Foundation, cost $2.4 million. Ref


Is Belief in Supernatural or Paranormal Realistic or Reasonable?

If anything supernatural or paranormal was provable, the believers would have taken James Randi’s famous million-dollar challenge, or they would have gone and got their Nobel Prize in proving the supernatural or open up a 100% faith-based prayer and miracles hospital. Where the cure for anything and everything is guaranteed because “prayer and miracles works” and the only education was being a religious or spiritual leader.

Prove it or it is not really worthy for true belief and if there was actual scientific proof it would silence us rationalists, atheists, and skeptics forever.

However, nothing of the sort has ever happened. List of prizes for evidence of the paranormal or supernatural woo-woo go back to at least 1922 with Scientific American. But it did not stop there instead there has been many individuals and groups have offered similar monetary awards for proof of the paranormal or supernatural with some reaching over a million dollars yet as of February 2016, not one prizes have been claimed.

Therefore, belief in supernatural or paranormal are not realistic nor are they reasonable. And what’s even crazier its nonsense and they act like it is us rationalists, atheists, and skeptics that have to disprove something they have never proved.

Damien, the supernatural is as real as the natural, not because one cannot see or doesn’t believe, dose Not mean it doesn’t exist. The super natural is not of this dimension,…. Just like your soul is not from this dimension.. If one is smart enough and has a bit of science, they will understand that many things that exist .. Still cannot be explained or seen… Like the air, Gravity and consciousness … We cant see them but they exist. Regardless of none believers..

My response, ha ha and you know this even though no one can see it scientifically and no one has ever proven it ever? you don’t even know anything nor does anyone to say it could be real it’s just making stuff up, think otherwise prove it. And saying it is not of this dimension is more unfounded talk and yet more claims about things neither you or any one knows.

Now think if as claim there is another dimension that means you don’t have a way to know what is or is not or even what could be there in fact with all we do know if there are other dimensions we are reasonably sure it’s also only natural, and in no way can we nor should we think it must have magic. Beliefs in the supernatural is all talk with no valid anything and often not even offered with valid reasoning.

Damien, are you denying the soul? Consciousness??? Black matter? Air? Gravity?? The astral plane (the dream world)… Ever taken any psychedelics? Ever had an OBE? Ever seen shadow people with your own eyes? Seen auras or energy fields?? Are you denying the countless individuals who can literately see the supernatural???

My response, there is no soul. Consciousness is an emergent property of the brain. Dark matter is not magic is a label for a hypothetical substance that is believed by most astronomers to account for around five-sixths of the matter in the universe. Air, I assume you mean oxygen? Or air as the name given to the Earth’s atmosphere? If so both are testable. Gravity or gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward (or gravitate toward) one another, including stars, planets, galaxies and even light and sub-atomic particles. You state things that have nothing to do with supernaturalism and instead are known and testable in our nonmagical would.

And again why would I or any critical thinker believe in souls?

Soul Theory = Unjustified Untrue Faith Belief = Magical Thinking Beliefs as Knowledge = Unwarranted Psychological Certainty supportive of incorrectability. (arbitrary and unjustified way of coming to ideas or Idealism)

What Science Really Says About the Soul: http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/13-03-20/

Soul Theory and Skepticism, Science Versus Spirituality: http://www.humantruth.info/index_souls.html

“Life after death” NO think again, Physics and the Immortality of the Soul: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/physics-and-the-immortality-of-the-soul/

I am all for free thinking, if the evidence is there great go down the rabbit hole but do not eat the rabbit shit offered as real; when its proof disappears like a mental mirage, gone in a poof magic as simple as the magical thinking that inspires all manner of flawed beliefs.

By Damien Marie AtHope