“hi, enemy of god” – Challenger
My responce, “What is a god and how can anyone truthfully claim anything about it “the term god” without any justification nor reason or evidence? I support reality so I am an atheist. The why is easy as the claims are devoid of all facts or needed warrant or justification so it is most reasonable to conclude that there is not a thing called god but if such a thing was somehow true I would be an enemy of god; as god is an anti-humanist concept in its general claimed nature.”
“ok, listen: if a medicine gives effect on ur headache 0.01% no matter its small effect but after all its effect. People do good thing also on afraid of god.” – Challenger
My responce, “I never claimed any people can’t do good regardless of what they believe but that doesn’t prove truth of what they believe.
“religions no matter all religions are fake but they have some positive effects.” – Challenger
“me wanna kill u but my brain says may be there is a god on the sky who see me and he punish me after death and me will be in heaven, this thinking stop me to kull u. So god imagine no matter its fake or real exist but i think its better for our socity it work as a rope which hold people.” – Challenger
My responce, “if you wanna kill people you need mental health therapy not a god.”
“yes, but god is a free mental health therapy door to door service, it works believe me, heaven or hell or god imagination is good for society somehow.” – Challenger
My responce, “is there others you want to kill or only me?”
“hahahaha, no friend it’s just a example.” – Challenger
My responce, “so it’s not true?”