This was a question posed in my Atheists Against Trump group: I wonder, If there’s no creator, how do we logically find a way to justify the initial steps of the world?
An “Atheists Against Trump” Member responded then, I responded.
Atheists Against Trump” member, “What do you mean by justify? If you refer to knowing the first steps, the hows and wheres — we don’t know everything yet. But inserting a creator doesn’t answer the question legitimately or honestly, it is just a placeholder. There’s no evidence there was a creator, so it is no better answer than “an apple did it.” How do you justify the steps of the world if there was no apple to start it?”
My responce, “This sounds like a theist question so I will ask you what is a god? And if a something of nature then it doesn’t want to be known in reality tus is as meaningless to reality as nothing first off. “Atheists Against Trump Member” I like your responce “What do you mean by justify”, I know, as if such a presumption of a god something (what ever that is), as no god claim can justify its ontology in reality; it’s only empty posturing the faith addiction to emotional magical thinkers willing to not follow an ethics of belief. Moreover, even if a thing such as a god claim, the empty word salad g-o-d-nothingness of fantasy was somehow real, it doesn’t seem concerned with us as it has not proven itself, thus its existing or not existing would not change anything in life.”