Religious people are funny, they love to say that their religion is the reason they are good then wish to tell me that some great religious leader should be acknowledged is special because they are nice. Yea, all people who are kind are doing a good thing but why should we single out someone simply do to them also being religious? I thought it was your religion anyway so in the attribution of kind actions they are not somehow more special. Not to mention this undue imbalance of kindness acknowledgment; you would not justifiably be able to say that, me as an anti-religious leader should we single out and be disvalued in my earned acknowledgment for my kindness done, right? If so then the same goes the other way that one being a religious leader should not be acknowledged as special compared to all other people because they are kind. Therefore, I think it is clear all acts of kindness like those doing them are relatively equal, so all kindness and compassion deserves praise regardless the religious or antireligious thinking they may also hold.