12,500 – 9,500 Years Ago – (Fertile Crescent/Levant/Near East), found a connected similarity in burial or mortuary practices in diverse populations in a relatively wide dispersal of evidence that hold a similar cultural and or religious transfer at sites in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Israel etc. The mortuary practices like the shared tendency of barring dead below the floors of homes, so they were living with their ancestors, which may itself have had a religious or ritualistic cultural meaning. And yet, other graves held grave goods including tools, pottery, and food could possibly confirm afterlife beliefs, its the figurines or images of things like animal or human which were mostly female depictions may have or seem to have been some kind of sacred, animistic, totemistic, or shamanistic offerings. The human females or animals in nature could symbolize a belief in ancestors/protectors spirits or deities in some kind of way which also possibly could be an overarching architecture of similar religious beliefs that like a semi connected web of sharing points flourish or develop with variance to symbolize a shared if loose fertility and death cult belief system. Also, there seem to have possibly been worship or sacralizing of the forces of nature such as the sun, moon, and stars possibly also believing a conmen religious theme in some latter more progressed religious thinking, that the dead had special powers “as above so below”. Seemingly, this hypothetic connected later thinking could link to several neighboring communities or regions conmen religious theme of thinking such as a possible link to an Egyptian philosophy phrase used by occultism and astrologers to explain why and how the world works, “as above so below.” Early superstitionism concepts often seem to hold that the visible bodies seen in the sky are link to or affect life on earth is a kind of prehistoric proto-astronomy in the seemingly accurate astronomical orientation of so many ancient megaliths as well as rock art or rock positioning, standing stones, wooden totems and mound sites may have been used as temples to worship possibly to the heavens, sun, moon, celestial deities, or changing of the seasons. 1,2,3,4,5

The Evolution of Religion and Removing the Rationale of Faith