Reincarnation is a false belief.
There is no evidence to support it and there is also logistical problems with reincarnation as well as past lives.
According to a very thoughtful post from January 16, 2012 called
An anonymous author exposed six logical problems:
1. Why do some have past life memories, but most don’t? Do only some reincarnate but not others?
2. What if a fetus is born, but no “souls” want to enter it? Then what?
3. Wouldn’t all souls want to be born into beautiful rich families with a good life? Who would choose to be born in a war-torn country in poverty? Do souls even get a choice? If not, then who chooses? Some intelligent forces or random ones?
4. Since the world population 30 years ago was half of what it is today, where do all the “extra souls” come from? Are they new souls? Are they souls from other planets or dimensions? Or from animals and insects? If from animals and insects, then where are the souls replenishing the evolving ones coming from? Is there a first life? Or does our past have no beginning?
5. A lot of reincarnation believers use the “souls coming from other planets/dimensions” explanation, but that sounds like a convenient copout since anyone can just say that. But even if we take that explanation, then where are the souls replacing the migrating souls coming from? Wouldn’t there have to be new souls entering in at some point, unless the population of souls always remained the same?
6. Since there are far more insects and plants then humans and animals, then would that mean that in your next life, your chances of coming back as an insect or plant are far infinitely greater than coming back as a human? If so, then no one would look forward to their “next life” would they? Or do humans only reincarnate as other humans or higher? Can an animal reincarnate as a human? If so, then couldn’t it work the other way around? Ref