It saddens me when proponents of atheism also seem to be proponents of anti-intellectualism either in rejecting philosophy or science. I am against all pseudoscience, pseudohistory and pseudomorality and the harm they can produce. We, myself included enjoy some partisan hummer (I am a Leftist) but we must always be careful with not to make it some internal motivation to unjustifiably villainize a person or people. It is ethical to point out harm, it is not ok to become an alternative unjustified harm as we don’t want to welcome “The Harm of Conspiracies” with pseudoscience, pseudohistory and pseudomorality.

Here are the five dangerous conspiracy theories of 2016 By JOSEPH USCINSKI. Ref

  1. Mexicans and refugees are murderers, rapists and terrorists

Danger: Violence

  1. “There’s something going on”

Danger: Mass paranoia

  1. Trump/Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate

Danger: Institutional distrust, political polarization

  1. Vast right-wing conspiracy

Danger: Lack of accountability

  1. Everything is “rigged”

Danger: Disenfranchisement and alienation