If a god anything was real and good it would not be the harmful world we have. Therefore, no god is good but as gods are often claimed as good so no such gods exist. This is an axiological atheist argument also called the argument from evil.
“Axiological atheism should spread the call of hope and self-enlightenment, not just hate of religion and its evil monster myth gods.”

My quick definition of Axiological Atheism?

Axiological atheism *value theory/value science atheism*: (Ethical/Value theory Reasoned and Moral Argument driven) Atheism, Anti-theism, Anti-religionism, and Secular Humanism. Roughly understood axiological atheism = Strong Disbelief as well as Strong Secularism and Humanism.  Axiological Atheism Explained

My quick definition of Axiology?

Axiology is a philosophy (value theory) and a social science (formal axiology) mainly involving the “what, why, and how” of “value” the way epistemology approaches “knowledge” as in what is of value/good/worth/beneficial/ or useful? Why is the thing in question of value/good/worth/beneficial/ or useful? How should the value/good/worth/beneficial/ or useful be interacted with?

A dark room is only scary until you turn on the light. So, when we let our dark thoughts out in the light, we may see there is not so much reason to fear them as when we kept them hidden. However, there may be some rooms which are even scarier when you turn on the light and see the full problem you face. But I would rather face an ugly reality than to not know at all. Some rooms don’t exist. Somethings you fight against, somethings you fight for, somethings you fight to be, and some things you need to stop fighting.

May my axiological atheism (a value theory/value science form of atheism, antitheism & antireligionism) spread the virtue of values as well as value critiques in the search of what is worthy, true or beneficial to human flourishing and the call of hope, kindness, humanity, freedom in addition to good without religions or gods.

“I once thought no one is friendly, so I decided to be a friend. No one seemed to care, so I realize I needed to care. No one made you feel as if you mattered, so I started valuing others. I see the world I wish to live in starts with me.”