Atheism unlike religion is not out to oppress or hate others that would be believers.

If you don’t believe me Look at the hate groups in america not one is atheist but more than half are religious or religion connected.

Atheists don’t disown their families for being believers that is religionists, atheists don’t go door to door trying to spread their beliefs that is religionists, etc.

Religious faith is an integral part of most of the hate groups’ roots and developmental literature.

The bible and the qu’ran both promote hatred through selective interpretation; racism, anti-gay hatred, anti-religion hatred – running from the klan through neo-nazi believers, white supremacists and catholic extremists.

Throughout history religions have promoted hatred as a means of spreading their beliefs and threatening those who do not believe in their faith.

Murder, rape, torture, psychological manipulation, beatings, destruction of literature, selective killings, bombings, are all tools used by religions and the religious.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated several Christian groups as hate groups, including the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, Abiding Truth Ministries, American Vision, the Chalcedon Foundation, the Dove World Outreach Center, the Traditional Values Coalition, and Westboro Baptist Church.

The SPLC classes the Nation of Islam (NOI) as a hate group under the category “black separatist”. The NOI preaches that a black scientist named Yakub created the white race, a “race of devils”, on the Greek island of Patmos. The NOI, unlike traditional Muslim groups, does not accept white members and it is not regarded as a legitimate branch of Islam by mainstream Muslims.

The white supremacist Creativity Movement (formerly the World Church of the Creator), led by Matthew F. Hale, is associated with violence and bigotry. Aryan Nations is another religion-based white supremacist hate group.

Westboro Baptist Church is considered a hate group because of its provocative stance against homosexuality and the United States, and it has even been denounced by many mainstream gay rights opponents as well as gay rights supporters.