One of my family members told me that he thought all of the different religions that existed before Christianity were born of the devil and that he thought it was Satan anticipate the growth of the Christian religion that would bloom in the future. I’m curious as to what you would have to say on the matter.” – Questioner
My responce, I would be interested to know how do they know that there is “no corruption” or error in the bible or all the clear contradictions the bible has with itself that make it look quite man made. Just look at the crazy ages listed in the early bible. Or the claimed very involved magic wielding god at the beginning then as time goes on in the stories of magic get less with the increase in education, until education trumped religions; then is when religion stopped wanting all the facts available and then they there became conspiracy theories of reality. Uninformed and ignorant to say things are just born of the devil, we have archaeological information proving the bible lied and misled the real history. I would first debunk their notions of the devil using the bible then use both the bible and to show them even informed christians have real questions and diferent informed thinking on many issues standard indoctrinated thinking. We can see archaeologically when religious behaviors and see how they evolved demonstrating how manmade they really are.
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