Questioning an Energy Afterlife?
“Damien, physics says energy and matter never disappears, it just changes form. An example is water, steam and ice. Our hearts and brains use electrical energy. This is demonstrated by EEGs n EKGs. What us your opinion of what happens to this body energy upon death. I have opinions but I would love to hear yours.” – Challenger
My response, we know what happens energy leaves the body through loss of heat and it dissipates into the environment. The energy you speak of has no mind nor is it still you, its just background mindless energy like all other mindless thoughtless energy nothing special and no longer you. Energy no matter where it comes from simply has no mind with which to even stay you if it wanted to, as it is brainless.
“Mr. Damien AtHope, Energy exists even if someone doesn’t believe it does.” – Challenger
My response, Well, energy doesn’t have a mind nor intentionality outside of psychics so its only something natural no added magic.
“Dead is Dead” no ghosts, spirits or souls…