Anti-religion not Anti-people

I want to make sure everyone knows where I stand, I am against all religions and all gods but I am not against the people who believe in such nonsense. I am not trying to attack them to destroy them or anything like that. Instead I care for them for I too was once so lost in indoctrination. I am not at war with them rather I feel I am fighting for them against the lies that trap and cage them, often from birth. I don’t see myself as an executioner killing off their beloved beliefs, I see myself as emancipator assisting them in finding their own freedom out of the shackles of being belief blind, back to natural reality which presents itself as godless devoid of magical powers.

Attack Thinking and Not People

When I say attack thinking and not people. Some people seem to think I am relatively saying we should not hold people accountable for any beliefs. I most definitely hold people accountable for hateful thinking against other people which can motivate bad or harmful behaviors. Furthermore, while I may strive to not attack people I do hold all people accountable for their bad or harmful behavior. Beliefs are mental objects not in the world and relatively are not at much a threat as behavior which is an external interaction in the world that has a large chance to be a threat and possible harm.

I Feel Good doing Good

Some people seem to require threats of hell or rewards in heaven to be good to others or to even care. But I wish to help in the world if I can because it feels good to be Thoughtful, Compassionate, and Kind. Character is often the voice of one’s behavior and often also their currency of trust if good or mistrust if not.

Dogmatic-Propaganda vs Reality

I am inspired by philosophy, enlightened by archaeology and grounded by science that religious claims, on the whole, along with their magical gods, are but Dogmatic-Propaganda, myths and lies. Atheism to me is self-evident as well as should be to a reasoned and informed mind, because “reality” my friend is devoid of magic.