Does god exist? There’s a short answer and a long answer,

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

“God is us. So if there is no God, there is no us.” – Challenger 1

“How did you reach the conclusion that three is a God? After you’ve answered that, then I’ll ask how you concluded “God is us.” Questioner 1 of Challenger 1

“WE are God.” – Challenger 1

“That doesn’t answer how you concluded that any sort of God, including one that “is us” exists.” Poster 1 of Challenger 1

I don’t think I am obligated.” – Challenger 1

“Of course not.” Poster 1 of Challenger 1

“There you go! I am God!” – Challenger 1

My response, What is a god, Challenger 1?

“Maybe you need to expand your life a little.” – Challenger 1

“You’re welcome to make a statement, and not explain it, defend it, support it, or discuss it at all.” Poster 1 of Challenger 1

My response, how is that an answer to what is a god, Challenger 1?

“Sorry, I said what I wanted.” – Challenger 1

“But then, Why would you? What would lead one to comment on a post about a God, and then decline to explain or support it?” Poster 1 of Challenger 1

My response, So should I block you Challenger 1, as you are not willing to explain what you posted?

“Did you support why you DON’T believe in God? I must have missed that!” – Challenger 1

“Oh well then have a good day.” Poster 1 of Challenger 1

My response, How is that an answer to what is a god, Challenger 1? And Here are some memes of mine that should make it clear what I think about my atheistic disbelief:


“I thought you said all you wanted. Then you must not have wanted to state a question.” – Poster 1 of Challenger 1

“The different cartoons of you crack me up. I can see a bit of you in each one.” – Poster 1 to Me

“I embrace whatever people believe. It is something that is personal and a comfort. Reel it in; you are making a fool of yourself.” – Challenger 1

“You “embrace whatever people believe?” Even if you know it to be false and harmful to a friend or family member? You embrace Damien’s lack of belief?” – Poster 1 of Challenger 1


“You’ve already made it clear your statement about embracing whatever people believe to be a lie.” – Poster 1 of Challenger 1

My response, “Thanks, Poster 1 for the compliment on my art. 

“Is believing in something because it is a comfort a good thing? Is that to be valued?”- Poster 1 to Me

My response, “Yes Poster 1, I fully embrace my lack of belief in gods and religions other myths.”

“Challenger 1, does not embrace your lack of belief. She’s made that clear. She also doesn’t embrace the conclusion that it’s useful to question beliefs and find out which ones have good evidence and support.”- Poster 1 to Me

My response, “Now that you see my answer of why I do not believe in gods, again I ask you what is a god Challenger 1?”

“Typical, making a claim and not willing to support it with facts. Because there are zero facts supporting that claim.”- Poster 2 for Challenger 1

“Last time I checked, I am god.” – Challenger 2

My response, “Challenger 2, what do you actually mean by claiming you are a god, what is a god?”

“Challenger 2, that statement means nothing.”- Poster 3 for Challenger 2

I am the god of my life.” – Challenger 2

My response, “Ok, another claim Challenger 2 but not what a god is. So again , What is a god?”

“I would call it as the person in charge. I am in charge of my own life. I take care of myself and decide when and how I will die.” – Challenger 2

“So are you a satanist Challenger 2?”- Poster 4 for Challenger 2

My response, “Ok then to me that is reasonable but lacks magical or supernatural attachments to the common conception of god so are you saying there is no alternative reality claims? And, Poster 4 that was a good question, I was thinking the same or a nihilist I-theist as I have heard such talk from both.”

“Yes i have read that satanists believe everyone is their own god because we all control our own destiny.”- Poster 4 to Me


My response, “I don’t support nihilist I-theistm I am just showing you what it is if you did not know Poster 4.”

Questioner 4, I’m too intelligent to believe in imaginary enemy.” – Challenger 2 to Poster 4

My response, “That is the best thing you have said so far Challenger 2

I am real, no magic or supernatural bullshiteries needed. I’m am the boss of my life.” – Challenger 2 to Me

My response, “so Challenger 2, you mean god as an ownership concept not as any standard meaning thus you do not believe in gods right?”

Nope, I don’t believe in god or gods.” – Challenger 2

My response, “right on Challenger 2.”

“Well there are satanic people and then there are satanists. Satanist are usually just atheists basically mocking religion.” – Poster 4 to Me

My response, “I am somewhat informed on satanists here is my blog: Satanism More or Less”

“God is science. Science is God. Just because it’s mysterious does not mean it’s not true. Just because “religion” is ******up doesn’t mean there is no God. There are gay preachers. Stephen Colbert is a practicing Catholic. Your thinking is as narrow as a evangelical white male politician in the clown trump administration.” – Challenger 3

My response, “Challenger 3, what do you mean by God is science, what is a god?”

“What is Science?” – Challenger 3 to Me

My response, “here is my blog on that: Science is not common sense? &  What is the Difference Between Science or Non-science? and now what is a god as I answered your question?”

“Sheer nonsense Challenger 3. Science is not god, and god is not science.” – Poster 2 to Challenger 3

“Who knows? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. But keep questioning – I sure do.” – Challenger 3 to Me

My response, “I am glad you wish to keep thinking Challenger 3.”

“Yes, a bigot, is a bigot!” – Challenger 1

My response, “And who is this bigot you are referring to Challenger 1 and why do you believe this is so? And, now again what is a god?”

“Some of the least tolerant people have been atheists. They seems to have a big chip on their shoulders. Let people believe what they want and STFU!” – Challenger 1 to Me

My response, “Challenger 1, who is being the “tolerant” one, as here you are on my personal profile being what, “tolerant” of my beliefs or disbeliefs? Once more, what is a god? So, you saying STFU to me on my page as you know is not you showing me this respect, thus you are not seeming to act as you are claiming to support are you, you know “tolerant?”

“Ah, hypocrisy, the first and last resort of the good Christian!” – Poster 5 to Me

“The religious are the ones who murder and torture people who dont believe what they do.” – Poster 4 to Challenger 1 

” Let people believe what they want and STFU!”

“Who are the people thinking they are above the law? that they can ignore the laws they don’t like? not atheists.” – Poster 6 to Challenger 1

“Take your own advice, and let Damien believe what he wants and kindly STFU.” – Poster 7 to Challenger 1

“I have many questions. There are lots of scary-ass Christians out there. It’s all a big mystery and we should not pretend it’s not.” – Challenger 3 to Me

My response, “Great let’s start with you answering what is a god?”

“The creator of all life, including science.” – Challenger 3 to Me

My response, “Ok that is a claim about this three letter term called god, but I want to know what is a god, that you are stating these claims about?”

“If he or she created life, why can’t he or she heal an amputee? Because god is a made up by humans in their fantasy.” – Poster 8 to Challenger 3

“People can believe what they want. The problem is that when they start using their beliefs to dictate how those who do believe as them should live their lives. And just because you may not personally act that way, your support of bronze age mysticism makes you guilty by association. So STFU.” – Poster 9 to Challenger 1

“Basically I do not give a shit, but you are definitely a psychotic bully. Let people believe what they want. Asshole!” – Challenger 1 to Me

My response, “Yes Challenger 1, your actions do somewhat represent as you said you are basically acting like a troll commenting multiple times negatively without bothering to thoughtfully respond, no , instead you acred as if you do not give a shit, but you are definitely a sad bully. Moreover,  I think you may want to check your hypocrisy by as I already said This is my personal profile where I guess what freely express my beliefs and disbeliefs and look here you are all vile calling me vile for expressing my beliefs and disbeliefs just as you claim no one should do what you are doing is not letting me believe or disbelieve without being attacked for what I believe or disbelieve by you the very person claiming to (hypocritically mind you) support not attacking people for what they believe. I think you should try again.”

My response, “Let me tell you something, I was asked why I openly and publicly am so passionate in my hate of religion. further asking what specifically in your life contributed to this outcome. I hate harm, oppression, bigotry, and love equality, self-ownership, self-empowerment, self-actualization and self-mastery, as well as truth and not only does religion lie, it is a conspiracy theory of reality. Moreover, not only is religion a conspiracy theories of reality, it is a proud supporter of pseudohistory and or pseudoscience they also push pseudomorality. Religion on the whole to me deserves and earns hate, or at least disfavor when you really analyze it. Not to mention the corruption it has on politics or laws. As well as how destructive this unworthy political influence has and creates because of these false beliefs and the harm to the life of free adults but to the lives of innocent children as well (often robbed of the right to choose and must suffer indoctrination) as the disruption of educated even in public schools. Etc. I as others do have the right to voice our beliefs, just as I or others then have the right to challenge voiced beliefs. Long live mental freedom that is found in Atheism.”