Foolish people are limited and thus are impoverished of mind. So intellectually blinded they seem to hardly find much to which they feel compelled to learn. In this state of ignorance they often think foolishly that they somehow are in “full knowledge” know it all. Whereas, wise people are rich in intellectual openness and a deep desire for truth as well as an enriched need to know things as they actually are thus are so compelled to learn and are so willing to be a student that they can learn from anything around them.

Creating Our Purpose?

You know I have one message, be a good person, for whatever is the extremely short lives. Life is just too short not to be kind. Our behavior with others will either add to human flushing or it doesn’t. How desperately want acceptance and how desperately we need to accept each other in kindness. I only have one goal: Some people are a bit confused as to what my goals are with my thinking. I am not trying to change minds, I am trying to change the world.

 “Expose the Unspeakable harm”

We all can be irrational, but biases that is not even in the interesting point. Because we can all be irrational we have an outright moral obligation to institute accuracy in one’s choices. Which is similar to the potential for harm that beliefs unchecked can and do have, even if it’s just that it contributed to unspeakable harm.

To Feel or Not to Feel?

Slow down, and think, is that even a reality coherent statement?

To think we actually can someone how, like a switch, turn off completely what you feel or wish not to feel. No matter what the external really in every way possible we can know the external pressure against the fragile body our minds are enshrined. One who questions deeply the Reality of Existence every breath you willfully take and wish not abstracted should remind you that you have had your experience to being it all along, that aware was as point begin with feelings in fact, you always feel, unless something is very disrupted, it’s just that sometimes, we are refused to only feeling, for a time, Instead of clear thinking we fail for untruth or half-truths, in the acquisition of extremely traumatizing motivators we are nothing but unchecked feelings and runaway emotions. We are no longer the pilot then, no we have become the plain getting hijacked.

“Don’t be Boxed in by Abstraction”

All we have is “Now,” the here and now awareness is to finally live in what is actually present, anything else is Abstraction. Life itself is education. You are not some abstraction, you’re a body and you feel. So, no extra justification needed, but I still effort to give a justification anyway as I care to inform others if I can. Words are largely emotional projections, with an intentionally attached “emotional biology” created to motivate “emotions” in yourself and others to regulate or deregulate emotions.

Belief Regulation Also Involves Emotional Regulation

 If someone challenges a specific point and your minds first response is to employ rhetoric, like oversimplified hasty generalizations or inaccurate half-truths used to imply a further truth that is nothing but a mental evasion from a truth inquiry. If you do this, you seem to exhibit some obscurity in the claimed truth stance offered and not in the court of dialectical scrutiny. Be willing if shown to say, I guess I was a lot surer about the claim until it was critiqued, now I am wanting to learn more about in with you. We Love Generalizations (even if wrong): “We don’t like slow clear accurate thinking, no, we are bias irrational compulsive disordered hasty generalizations thinking beings.” We build our “belief” of the accuracy of our hasty generalizations one assertion at a time. In other words, we add undue increasing assurance because we keep saying it over and over again, not because it’s actually accurate to the facts. We may cherry pick a few facts to support this error in thinking but that is intellectual dishonestly, as if it can be destroyed by the truth it should be.

“Evidence please?”

What is high intellectual character and do you have it???

Life is Hard, you May spend it Alone

Well that is largely a feeling being addressing. We may feel alone but we humans are seldom even alone our lives are filled with people. So, you are talking about a psychosocially mental health issue not a true ontology fact to what you are addressing. I was once alone, in myself, lost from the world. Alone even among others, in fact I once asked for a hug and still felt alone. Why? I was hiding from everyone, even me. I was so scared of being hurt that I was bashing myself to loneliness. But why? I felt people were not trustable, so I started trying to be someone worth trusting. I felt people were not really friendly, so I started trying to be a good friend to others. I felt like hate was to easy I was trying to do what felt impossible, just to freely give love. I want people to know life is hard but there is good people out there even if we have to put it there first.

Attacking the Person?

I strive to attack thinking and not people but I sometimes may use dignity attacks or character attacks about behavior or thinking people are doing. I only say things they can quickly fix or change. Then I will pressure them to change it. My point in doing this is help mirror the bad or errored thinking or behavior so they can change if they wish I try to never do it to hurt anyone as I see this as not a productive and potentially abusive.

You don’t like my truth? Well to be honest I didn’t care much for your lies.

In the honest search for truth there is no sides.

Love and kindness is all we have in the end that makes life sense. I am no better than anyone, I too am just a fragile body alone in the world, if not for the kindness of others. Impress me with your evidence not your evidence devoid options. I am a mental nightmare walking and radical thinker so free it’s like a psychopath taking, king of my jungle, just a mental gainster stalking the menus of unchecked flawed thinking.

Dear of Seed of Hate, I no longer love you.
Where did the seeds of hate come from you may ask: well, “That is only mine”, “only they are me”, “they are only allowed there” “only they are aloud this/that” or “only I matter”, all of which have quit often sent a seed of hate in the world and we have been responding to them for years on end. Who is wrong? Once I was wrong. And then wrong again. In fact, I have been wrong all my life. One has not found truth if they believe that they are never wrong. I am sure this plague of myside bias is a fantastic way of not learning new truth, if that matters to you? Dear thinkers welcome your being completely shown to be wrong, as who wants to spend another second believing a lie. You don’t honestly want to believe lies or half-truths do you?

“Says the fat fuck who’s soooooo smart he doesn’t see over eating and no exercise is a SMART way of life!!!! You know, just cos you’re an athiest doesnt make you a political science liberal major!!!! It’s one thing to bash religion to which I agree but to bring up your political views during is asinine! But it your page! Hail Satan” -Challenger

My response, I am a disabled person who was in a wheelchair and under severe depression do to this and the constant nerve pain in my foot do to a automobile accident and I do to medical my foot is generally 80% so I am now walking a bit and have lost over 70 lbs but thanks for asking and understanding like a person with character would generally do, so yes I am kinda shart but I know I have higher standards of my character that you seem to chouse to display. 


Things I have experienced in my life:

*Religious indoctrination from birth until 18.
*Short term homelessness
*Gang violence
*Prenatal Abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, medical, neglect, starvation, abandonment, unsupervised, insufficiently clothed, and malnourished.
*Domestic violence: both witnessed against my mom and experienced by my first wife.
*Family violence: both watched and told
*School violence: both from many students and two teachers
*Genderqueer-Phobia/bigotry: both externally and internally (not now)
*Intersex-Phobia/bigotry: both externally and internally (not now)
*Homophobia: (even though I am not homosexual I am perceived as not always gender conforming)
*Mental Health-Phobia/bigotry
*Racism:(I know this may sound crazy to some but I was born and raised in southern california and as a young child the neighborhoods I lived in My Being White (when my family was financially insecure living in poorer areas) was a somewhat marginalized expression many of my friends were nonwhite so where some of my persecutors)

And people wonder why I am Angry sometimes…

“Great!!!!! A liberal democrat victim!!! I’ve seen you hold signs at rallys!!! Really fat ass? Really??? Now Obama is gone and Hillary is a joke now you’re a victim!!!!!!????????? Fukn joke!!!! Be an athiest!! Not a political crusader!!!!! You suck at it!!!” – Challenger


My response, I am a socialist-anarchist-mutualist-collectivist, so, no I am not a “Democrat” but again thanks for asking think a thoughtful person please keep showing what thinking integrity you have inside. lol


“Hmm . Yeeeaaahhhh……. Joke” – Challenger

My response, Yes, there you go, still expressing an impoverished humanity, yes your social errors are coming into focus but please keep it coming you seem to enjoy supporting limited thinking no thoughtful questioning and ethical dialogue exchange, sad. lol

My response, but thank you for the opportunity to address such thinking for my blog. I will give you the link when I am done and don’t worry even though the blog title “Fighting a Troll” is taken I have a good one for you but say another negative thing and that title is yours (I will pick a title from your response). 

There is a difference in hating people or hating the act of child abuse/rape which are unethical (evil) behaviors. Hate is positioned, as in the hate of injustice is often one of the strong motivators of justice.

Hate is easy, want to impress me explain to me what you love.