Most religions in the world are killing people. Just think of all the wars fought between religions and in the religions, themselves, lots of people were killed. In those wars so many people died in both sides to protect their god but the god did not protect them. In other words, all the people killed religion or gods was the driving reason. In ancient times, the notion of a pantheon meaning “[temple] of every god” and All the gods of a people considered as a group was developed the notion of a pantheon with a divine “division of labor” ruler or slave as well as oppressor and the oppressed. And while early empires could be described as henotheistic, i.e. dominated by a single god of the ruling elite (as Morduch in the Babylonian empire, Assur in the Assyrian empire, etc.), or more directly by defining the ruler in an imperial cult, the concept of “Holy War” enters a new phase with the development of monotheism, with a divine “division of labor” took the control of one’s life, almost every aspect was now to be controlled by the god, the religion, the priest, the king. Monotheism is distinguished from henotheism, a religious system in which the believer worships one god without denying that others may worship different gods with equal validity, and monotheism-centrism or single god theistic preference and the god they choose is the only god they believe one can or should choose, the recognition of the existence of many gods but with the consistent worship of only one deity. The broader definition of monotheism characterizes the traditions of Bábism, the Bahá’í Faith, Cao Dai (Caodaiism), Cheondoism (Cheondogyo), Christianity, Deism, Eckankar, Hindu sects such as Shaivism and Vaishnavism, Islam, Judaism, Mandaeism, Rastafari, Seicho no Ie, Sikhism, Tengrism (Tangrism), Tenrikyo (Tenriism), Yazidism, and Zoroastrianism, and elements of pre-monotheistic thought are found in early religions such as Atenism, Ancient Chinese religion, and Yahwism. So, monotheistic thought of one supreme god made “war personified” thus killing for a god more fully enters the scene with the emergence and promotion of monotheism or “man”-o-theism, and while early empires could be described as henotheistic, i.e. dominated by a single god of the ruling elite it is monotheism that pushed the killing of people for the religion or god to the forefront the concept of “Holy War” enters a new phase with the development of monotheism. Many people in many cities in many countries of the world were being killed by many religions and the same thing has been going on for about the 3,000 years in which monotheism has been promoted and one god driven religion wished to wipe out all others like the rulers that believed in /used these gods to rule, oppress, control, and kill. Same things are happening in many countries in the world. Thinks are not much different then long ago as many different groups today kill other not just in different religions but even people in the same religion are also killing each other. So, religions are killing people. People in ancient times where scientifically uninformed to put it lightly. Such people were the ones creating theist so called holy books. They believed the sun was revolving around earth. The truth is that the planet earth is revolving around the sun. So, there are many mistakes in many religious books written by scientifically uninformed people and thus we have so many magical explanations in the scientifically uninformed holy books religions cherish. Many religions are making people slaves killing their ability to critically think about their religion or adequately respect science over unconfirmed myths. Religions are putting the mind of people inside a cage and are not allowing freedom to people even to think rationally or evidentiary. Religions are not allowing development of mind of people crushing the brightness of who they are with the darkening of groupthink aka non-thinking indoctrination. So, religions are producing only narrow or closed-minded people. They cannot produce broad or open-minded people. Some religions are against civilization. So, we must free people from religious slavery. These narrow or closed-minded people read the old religious books of groupthink aka non-thinking indoctrination. And thereafter humanity is in danger as these BELIEVERS question whether they will allow killing of people to protect such books that have errors and lies, religions that promote separation, or gods devoid of evidence or any kind of proof? We atheists will wait and see, and likely we will see more religions kill people. Ref