Axiological Atheist Damien Marie AtHope interviews BABA BRINKMAN

“I enjoyed the interview with Baba Brinkman, he was authentic, open, intelligent, interesting, and caring. And I liked him sharing his freestyle at the end.”

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ABOUT BABA BRINKMAN: Press Release on Baba Brinkman

Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rap artist and award- winning playwright. To date, Brinkman has written seven hip hop plays and released more than a dozen rap albums, toured the world, and enjoyed successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and off-Broadway in New York.Brinkman is a pioneer in both science-based rap and also “lit- hop” or literary hip hop, and he’s known for his adaptations of The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, and Gilgamesh.

However, he is best known for his “Rap Guide” series. The first of those, The Rap Guide to Evolution (“Astonishing and brilliant” – NY Times), won a Scotsman Fringe First Award and a Drama Desk Award nomination, and was featured on US national TV on The Rachel Maddow Show and at the Seattle Science Festival opening for Stephen Hawking. Baba is a recent recipient of the National Center for Science Education’s “Friend of Darwin Award” for his efforts to improve the public understanding of evolutionary biology.

His play, Rap Guide to Consciousness, was a hit at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe exploring the material basis of brain science in hip hop form. His clever and distinctive style has earned him the attention of the New York Times, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, NPR, Macleans, CBC, and the BBC. When he is not on tour, Baba Brinkman resides in New York with his wife, neuroscientist and Discovery TV host Dr. Heather Berlin, their daughter Hannah and son Dylan.

1. Real Recognize Real (feat. Aaron Nazrul)
2. Good Bayesian (feat. MC Lars and Mega Ran)
3. Zombie
4. Dylan
5. Forget Me Not (feat. Aaron Nazrul)
6. Mary
7. Cephalophile (feat. Alice Andrews)
8. Wizard of Odds (feat. Aaron Nazrul)
9. Room
10. Ready for Implants
11. Can’t Stop
12. Memes Up
13. Still Here (feat. Tymisha Harris)

The Rap Guide to Consciousness
The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos
The Rap Guide to Religion
The Rap Guide to Medicine
The Rap Guide to Wilderness
The Infomatic – EP
The Rap Guide to Business – EP
The Rap Guide to Human Nature
Apocalyptic Utopian Dreams In the Western Wilderness
The Rap Guide to Evolution
Lit Hop
The Canterbury Tales Remixed
The Rap Canterbury Tales

If you haven’t done so already, you can preview the record below:

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On his new record, The Rap Guide to Consciousness, Canadian hip-hop artist, playwright, and atheist, Baba Brinkman, offers a contradictory perspective by using peer-reviewed scientific data to explain the modern science of the human experience. For example, on the tracks “Real Recognize Real”, and “Still Here”, Brinkman explains how there is no supernatural soul, and that we are simply just interactions of neurons, guided by evolution, deriving meaning from a physical world.

On Rap Guide to Consciousness, his ninth entry in the Rap Guide to… series, Baba was inspired by the works of scholars like Daniel Dennett and Thomas Bayes, and created the record with scientific input from neuroscientist and Ted Talks star, Dr. Anil Seth.  As an atheist himself, Mr. Brinkman enjoys using his medium of rap to stir the pot and invoke thoughtful dialog amongst his listeners. Check out Deepak Chopra’s Live Chat where he refutes Baba’s belief in materialism (Fast forward to the 11-minute mark).

You can preview Rap Guide to Consciousness by using one of the links below: 

Stream on Soundcloud | Download Mp3s

I also invite you to check out his album, Rap Guide to Religion, where he explores everything from the origins of faith, the enduring appeal of religion and supernatural beliefs in our daily lives. All big concepts dexterously delivered through smooth and smart rhymes. 

I’d suggest checking out: “God of the Gaps” Listen or “Religion Evolves” Listen and “Neighborhood Atheism (feat. Graydon Square)” Listen

Info on the interviewer Damien Marie AtHope (Axiological Atheist)

Damien Marie AtHope: Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secular Humanist. Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Advocate, Activist, with schooling in Psychology and Sociology as well as an Autodidact in Science, Archeology, Anthropology, and Philosophy. Damien Promotes Science, Realism, Axiology, Liberty, Justice, Ethics, Anarchism, Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Archaeology, and Anthropology; advocating for Sexual, Gender, Child, Secular, LGBTQIA+, Race, Class Rights, and Equality. 

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Axiological Atheism can be thought to involve ethical/value theory reasoned and moral argument driven apatheism, ignosticism, atheism, anti-theism, anti-religionism, secularism, and humanism.  Roughly understood axiological atheism = Strong Disbelief as well as Strong Secularism and Humanism.

Axiological Atheism Explained

I liked his videos as well as his rap style and enjoyed talking to him.

So, please check him out, we rise by helping each other.