Interview EP (55) Mark Lee secular humanist agnostic atheist activist antitheist from Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada)

Mark Lee is a secular humanist agnostic atheist activist antitheist; former theology student who was not born in a religious home and chose to become Seventh-day Adventist at age of 17. Grew out of his faith in the midst of studying to become a pastor at the age of 24 in the year 2000. A deeper search of the Bible using a more accurate study with historical context led to my incline of faith and feels he is a 6.8 on the Dawkins scale, but thinks he could be closer to 7 than ever resulting from recent Bible dissection believing the world would be better off without religion. Mark Lee des not technically believe the universe purposely has a defined purpose or meaning and morality is also something that has evolved in humanity within differing cultures with schooling in Psychology as well and is a quarter Métis nation.

Métis is an ethnic group native to Canada and parts of the United States that trace their descent to indigenous North Americans and European settlers. The Métis in Canada are recognized as an aboriginal people under the Constitution Act of 1982; they number 451,795 as of 2011. The Métis people’s history begins in the 17th century with the unions of various French colonists, typically trappers and traders, and Algonquian women, including but not limited to Mi’kmaq, Algonquin, Ojibwe, and Cree peoples. These unions began in the east, extending from the Atlantic coast to the Great Lakes. The fur trade and colonial development drew French voyageurs and coureurs de bois to the west, along with the later Hudson’s Bay Company employees. Wintering partners of the fur trading companies typically took country wives for their months away from the eastern cities.

Major religions and chances of being correct:

Eastern religious philosophy is more in tune with the natural world, however, I do not believe in karma, reincarnation. I believe in meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, charity, love, and I believe in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 relatively speaking.

Mark Lee entertains the thought of infinite existence with infinite universes but everything that makes up existence is finite and evolution and the entire process had no beginning, no ending, cannot be measured or weighed, has no limits, cannot be labelled, has no name, is not a personality, can never be understood, is not conscious, it is. Death will be as if we were never born.

Hinduism to Mark Lee, needs to be studied more however geographically speaking I don’t take a religion seriously that is 80% in one nation and one culture.

Islam to Mark Lee, has 0% chance of being true because of eternal hell belief and their claims of difficulty to interpret their scriptures. Plus, Mark Lee thinks Muslims are fucking dumb the way they live in 2017 living like the Old Testament.

Catholicism to Mark Lee, is something he gives no respect, rituals outdated, rules make no sense, covering up evil actions. 0% chance.

Protestant Christianity to Mark Lee, is something he would give a tiny chance…0.03% odds maybe because they do have alternative versions of hell that are more realistic in a few denominations.

Mark Lee’s reported technique of arguing against god’s existence is an appeal to higher wisdom which evidently existence.  His version of god who would portray the typical characteristics would act in an easy that would increase belief in all humanity, etc.

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