Me and Ray Comfort

*Ray Comfort is a New Zealand-born christian creationist and evangelist.

The Fun of Harassing Street Preachers. Counter-Protesting is Fun.

I have been asked, did Ray Comfort see the sign before the photo was taken? No, he didn’t at first as I grabbed it off the ground from a pile, you can see the pile in the pic, the pile is at the bottom. He saw it as I brought it up and was not happy but then the pic happened and too bad. But he doesn’t likely care that much, as he is a liar for Jesus, I think he believes most of Christian bullshit but thinks you have to bamboozle people into god belief, or something. lol

Before the pic I had already been answering his questions and challenging him back (we were both where doing activism) as I heard he liked to come to a place near where I was living so I was counter-protesting him and promoting reason and wanted to punk him by getting a pic with him that made fun of faith.

I am an Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secularist, Humanist, Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Advocate, Activist, with a BA in Psychology.

So I posted a pic of my holding an anti-faith sign in front of Ray Comfort.
“Yet you fanboy over the creationist/Evangelist……….like im against everything you stand for, you are a lying sack of shit, but can I get a picture, all my atheist friends will fanboy harder than the local Christian Club.”Christain Philosopher
My response, You are not a serious thinker you are at best only utilizing simplistic rhetoric, truly undignified of you, especially one with training in philosophy. sad. You want to take me on in a real way, great, I look forward to a recorded video chat where we can see who is who. Lol
“No I’m just giving real criticisms, you claim to be anti religious, anti ignorance, politically leftwing, you are as I assume, spending a majority of your life fighting for certain ideals, but when I see you with some religious zealot smiling the same way I did when I met Richard Dawkins, it makes me wonder where your allegiance really lies, are you a real atheist? Like do you honestly believe these people are causing harm, what if you saw trump? Would you ask for a picture to show off, look at this liar I met, would you advertise trump like you did Ray Comfort with this post, if you didn’t explain who he was, I would have thought you where standing with some atheist intellectual, I mean look at that smile, it looks like you just met your hero.” – Christain Philosopher
My response, Come on real criticisms? Or unjustified unsupported rhetoric character assassinations by with strawman and ad hominem? Yes, not thoughtful responses that challenge of highlight errors in thinking, no, like most lazy thinkers you fail to challenge me in true intellectual rigor. True intellectual, which I am more than happy to do to you and you, on the other hand, have not done. So, instead you offered just empty non-philosophy as your champion and needed to truly think about what you do as your character is on the line, your intellectual honesty is better than you are or have been presenting. I look forward to you changing back to a higher style that is more honorable as it is a duty of all strong thinkers.
My response, You stated, “I assume” (meaning my opinion “well, your opinion I this case.” What you are expressing is “I am offering as a form of rhetoric” as in you are adding this strawman of your opinion as if it has some fake evidence to then use against me. Then you say you wonder if I am a real atheist? So again rhetoric, as you know atheism, is the lack or disbelief in gods, and you know I don’t or are you trying to no true Scotsman me? Therefore it appears you are being dishonest intentionally as a form of bad philosophy rhetoric. Look “Like do you honestly believe these people are causing harm, what if you saw trump?” now you are starting to use questions first then make claims from the offered claims of the other person. So to me, I had already been answering his questions and challenging him back (we were both where doing activism) as I heard he liked to come to a place near where I was living so I was counter-protesting him and promoting reason and wanted to punk him by getting a pic with him that made fun of faith. He even put me in his move Noah: Yes, I would love holding an anti-Trump sign next to trump to punk his ass too. He would never do it, but if you can set it up, I will be happy to fool on him. Lol
“So I got to be in the movie, so he’s not that bad, you are acting like he couldn’t read, like he did not know that you where protesting him, it seems like you are cool with being a part of Christian propaganda. This guy gave you a picture because you are a fan. You are the one who got played by Ray Comfort. He probably laughed at you after this, omg these atheists just wanted a VIP meet and greet, I’m famous to them.” – Christain Philosopher
My response, So, more versions of your mental ponderings, just useless nothing of value, in thoughtful discourse but big with the people who value empty rhetoric. Not one thing you address is of my direct terms or ideas expressed to justify your invented assumptions….. Not good, no you just Keep battling in your mind and I will wait for with a hopeful heart that your philosophy training will win the day as you as not utilizing it much yet. Can your philosophy come out to play? Lol
“Honestly I’m way too sarcastic for my own good, I will debate you, I’d love to videotape it, Im honestly just roasting you, like they are hyperbolic representations of my criticisms. If you can’t honestly see the irony in how your form of atheism, pushing atheism as a political position complete with a set of ethics borders order on propaganda, you are constantly battling a straw man, you would love to debate trolls and con man like Ray Comfort who only serves as “proof” to the 2d cartoon of the Christian theology you paint. I would like to debate our possible futures, like where do you see your movement going, or is this just a long style rant that will die with your mortal body, I see myself as a cult leader, I’m just trying to reappropriate the term as I build a religion, new rules, new games for people to play, like philosophical games.” – Christain Philosopher
My response, I don’t see atheism as a political position. I see me as an atheist as political that is much different which I know you know, I have a set of universal ethics. I am assuming you have never read my blog on my ethics you should if you wish to address it, then you should read my blog on debate style “truth navigation”, your claim with a set of ethics borders order on propaganda, outright error in assumption or a lie as propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. I don’t write to mislead, no, that is what errors in truth statements as you have profusely offered do. Great that you will do a video. I look forward to having an intense intellectual interaction or discussion with you if nothing more than I want to see this reported philosophy mind you have to enjoy, as I don’t much for your style now. I actually considered blocking you as a troll but remembered you had said you like me, so, I will give you the chance to impress me if you can. What time and date is good for you to do a recorded video chat? By the way, I see you went to Chaffey college. I have been to chaffy like three years ago or so, and I was wondering, did we ever meet? I am available most days and some nights during the weak is better for me.
His words on my other page:
Atheism isn’t a religion, but that axiological shit you spout is at least cult like. If not a full blown religion that will kill in your name after you die. I am calling Damien a fucking hypocrite, I’m a cult leader, I know a cult when I see one, I hate people who criticize religion, and literally his Axiological Leftism is a Cult, Damien is spouting one sided propaganda in order to advance Damien opinion of reality, Damien uses constant straw man arguments and is unaware of his own stupidity, repeating what you read doesn’t make you smart if you can’t actually understand the context in which it is written, you might say context doesn’t matter, but then we are just all spouting nonsense, and have no direction, you can’t say there is no direction and tell people to “go that way” at the same time, which is what I see all you people doing.
My response, I changed my mind about not blocking you from this page and every page as I see the vile disrespectful nonsense you wrote on my profile calling my names and attempting to slander me I am done with you, bye.