HAPI – Humanist Alliance Philippines, International: Facebook Page & Facebook Group and HAPI – Green Movement: Facebook Page consultant Art Alvarez, is seen putting hands to work for humanity… reaching out, touching lives with EEGCI, Greening It. HAPI – Green Movement is about reaching out and touching lives through small thoughts and doable acts of kindness for our Environment promoting human welfare and social reforms… https://www.facebook.com/hapi.green.movement/?fref=gc&dti=1383793278509671&hc_location=ufi The beneficiary is in Ayungon, La Carlota City…. EEGCI is based in Valladolid. Eco-Entrepreneurial Greens Communities Inc. (EEGCI). Marissa Torres Langseth stated that she is a ” GREEN Advocate’ recycling a lot of her stuff, rather than buy new ones.. better to donate a HAPI than buy new stuff which she does not need…

HAPI – Humanist Alliance Philippines, International‎

These pictures are also a HAPI project. They will go full speed after the HAPI-GA in Bacolod.. location of these nipa huts are in Villadolid, a rural area in Negros where Bacolod is. Mark Richardson – HAPI-Seattle is also a HAPI – Green Movement consultant based in the USA. Marissa Torres Langseth, the organization’s Interim Chairperson and HAPI-Founder, said we can do this, one nipa hut at a time. She also commented to her HAPI Group Admin that this reminds her of Pres. Carter’s project Habitat for humanity. We can do this too.!! Who else is a “Green Advocate” ?? we can donate/sponsor a nipa hut or two.. kindly donate to HAPI. – donate@hapihumanist.org – (Pledges also accepted). For now, I pledge $200 USD for this project.. what about you guys>> www.hapihumanist.org Art Alvarez Wow your starting crowdsourcing already for the EEGCI HAPI Homes project … KODUS!

Marissa Torres Langseth asked a  group member that is an architect what they thought of this? 
The reply was, well, as an architect, I would see a green-project to make more use of recycled materials in order to move away from using native products. but I’m unsure if the move to conserve on natural materials would work against these ‘plants’ because if farmers don’t see as much profit in them, then they would likely replace the plants with something else more profitable.. (like weed perhaps). see, when we look at the bigger picture, things would appear rather different than what we envision them to be. So, I guess a good approach would be to combine the use of products from recycled materials, and the use of native products.. in the design of these structures. I would say a simple hut just enough for a couple starting-out a family would have a floor area around 20 sq.m.

More About HAPI
HAPI is an alliance of secular humanists from all over the world who have links to or connection with the Philippines. HAPI is an SEC registered NGOas of 2015. Humanist Alliance of the Philippines, International (HAPI) is a not for profit alliance of progressive secular humanists with common goals for the good of humanity. HAPI Chapters and contact personnel: www.hapihumanist.org (HAPI People). HAPI is an international, democratic, non-profit organization, with members from different social sectors in many countries. Membership is based on full equality when it comes to ethnicity and between the sexes. The organization’s work will be a product of the members’ and sympathizers’ voluntary efforts/activity. HAPI will work with any humanitarian society with primary focus only in the Philippines. HAPI is a progressive humanist organization, which will defend all people’s right to personal and collective freedom, democratic rights (freedom to organize, to join organizations or political parties, freedom to speak and write in public), and will work for equality between the sexes, protection of children from violence and abuse, and against poverty, exploitation and discrimination. HAPI is pro-evolution and promotes modern science, however, anti-religion/superstition/creationism. HAPI works for social secularism as well as separation between state and church. HAPI will work for free secular education for children and youth, regardless of social status/background. A neutral, objective education (school), not influenced by religion or the interests of any financial or political elite. HAPI will work for public health care for all people, regardless of nationality and social status. HAPI opposes political corruption, as well as corruption in general. HAPI will be financed by voluntary membership fees and contributions. Membership is FREE. Check it out on their website and register, please. HAPI will be active on Facebook and off line —both in an open public forum (all opinions, discussions and comments are welcome), as well as in a forum for members only. There will, however, be guidelines for the activity on the internet (like “straight to the matter” discussions, respect for opponents, no personal “attacks”, no bashing, no coarse language, no cursing etc.).