Me and Ray Comfort

*Ray Comfort is a New Zealand-born christian creationist and evangelist.

I have been asked, did Ray Comfort see the sign before the photo was taken? No, he didn’t at first as I grabbed it off the ground from a pile, you can see the pile in the pic, the pile is at the bottom. He saw it as I brought it up and was not happy but then the pic happened and too bad. But he doesn’t likely care that much, as he is a liar for Jesus, I think he believes most of Christian bullshit but thinks you have to bamboozle people into god belief, or something. lol

Before the pic I had already been answering his questions and challenging him back (we were both where doing activism) as I heard he liked to come to a place near where I was living so I was counter-protesting him and promoting reason and wanted to punk him by getting a pic with him that made fun of faith.

I am an Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secularist, Humanist, Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Advocate, Activist, with a BA in Psychology.

Here I am bothering a street preacher.

Me harassing the Westboro Baptist church. Counter-protesting is so much fun.

And another street preacher. I was counter-protesting the creation conference. lol

Here I am counter-protesting at a Muslim protest. lol

Here I am counter-protesting at a Muslim protest. lol

Me explaining to a street preacher that he is quite wrong. lol

Harassing jehovah’s witnesses. lol

Me challenging a visiting paster doing a creationism anti-evilution presentation in a small church. 

Me again harassing a street preacher. So fun. lol

Let me explain why as an axiological atheist (value theory atheist) even the belief in the concept of god is ethically vile to me. God belief is inherently immoral to me it is the belief that supports an all-powerful being who willfully allows suffering, something that no ethical person would tolerate if they had the ability to do otherwise. Moreover, a common attribute of god belief is support of this claimed greater being of high intelligence and self will forcing its will and standards on other beings of high intelligence and self-will. This force is unethical and abusive to the rights of humanity. Furthermore, many who subscribe to this force abusive relationship god claim an even more revolting ethical atrocity called hell where eternal horror and suffering is dished out by direct will of the claimed stronger immoral god being against the defenseless undeserving subjugated humanity. Thus, being one who values rights and ethics, it sickens me to even speak of such willful misconduct of justice.