Buddhism is a religion with a philosophy.
So some take both some only the philosophy. I have two recorded videos with Asian ex-buddhists now atheists living in Buddhism majority Asian countries both clearly stating that all such Asian countries with Buddhism see it as a religion. They said that it’s westerners who say it is not a religion wishing only for the philosophy, and even then they cherry pick the philosophy too (a Buddhism grab bag). Here is one of those videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNFX1XhjPIU&t=3s
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If Buddhism is just a philosophy, why does Zen Buddhism seem to relate with some concept of god?
Zen master Sokei-an says:
[D]harmakaya [is] the equivalent of God … The Buddha also speaks of no time and no space, where if I make a sound there is in that single moment a million years. It is spaceless like radio waves, like electric space – intrinsic. The Buddha said that there is a mirror that reflects consciousness. In this electric space a million miles and a pinpoint – a million years and a moment – are exactly the same. It is pure essence … We call it ‘original consciousness’ – ‘original akasha – perhaps God in the Christian sense. I am afraid of speaking about anything that is not familiar to me. No one can know what IT is (Sokei-an 1993, pp. 142, 146).
The same Zen adept, Sokei-an, further comments:
The creative power of the universe is not a human being; it is Buddha. The one who sees, and the one who hears, is not this eye or ear, but the one who is this consciousness. This One is Buddha. This One appears in every mind. This One is common to all sentient beings, and is God (Sokei-an 1993, p. 41).
Sokei-an (1993). The Zen Eye: A Collection of Zen Talks by Sokei-an. Weatherhill. ISBN 978-0-8348-0272-8.

Buddhism is a religion with a philosophy. So some take both some only the philosophy, but yes, Buddhism is a religion.