Taste Your Emotions “Poetry”- 2006

This is the second revised and expanded version of the earlier work “Taste Your Emotions” a book containing poems only each telling a story of the struggle for physical, emotional, and spiritual sobriety. The poems inside this book express a variety of emotions taking you through an experience from deep pain to the joy of emotional freedom. Attempting to balance between a short memoir written in a creative way, self-help book of sorts, as well as grouped enlightened writing trying to lead others in embarking of self freedom. Thus this book is simply not a book of poems and writings it is a dark journey of pain, confusion and addiction leading to a bright awakening of the heart and mind. The poems and writing are both heavy, raw, thought provoking, even forceful in there convictions at times and they are also light and touching in there innocence at other times, culminating in a moving expression of strength and determination. You will not just read these poems and writings you will experience them think about them, be moved by them and maybe if I am lucky even be some what changed by them.


Kindle Edition

The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots (not published yet)    

“back cover writing”

Religions continuing in our modern world, full of science and facts, should be seen as little more than a set of irrational conspiracy theories of reality. Nothing more than a confused reality made up of unscientific echoes from man’s ancient past. Rational thinkers must ask themselves why continue to believe in religions’ stories. Religion myths which are nothing more than childlike stories and obsolete tales once used to explain how the world works, acting like magic was needed when it was always only nature. These childlike religious stories should not even be taken seriously, but sadly too often they are. Often without realizing it, we accumulate beliefs that we allow to negatively influence our lives. In order to bring about awareness, we need to be willing to alter skewed beliefs. Rational thinkers must examine the facts instead of blindly following beliefs or faith.

This book is a collection of researched information such as archaeology, history, linguistics, genetics, art, science, sociology, geography, psychology, philosophy, theology, biology, and zoology which will challenge you. It will make you question your beliefs with information, inquiries, and ideas to ponder and expand on. The two main goals are to expose the evolution of religion which loosely starts about 100,000 years ago as an estimate for the evolution of pseudo-religion and to offer thought provoking insights and challenges to remove the rationale of faith. The evolution of religion consists of the primal stage of organized religion which began around 13,500 years ago, the proto stage is around 10,000 years ago, the progressed stage is around 7,500 years ago with the forming of mythology, and about 5,000 years ago brings the prominence of gods. You will be guided through a providential intervention of belief in gods and goddesses myths that have plagued humankind for way too long. We often think we know what truth is nevertheless this can be but a vantage point away from losing credibility, if we are not willing to follow valid and reliable reason and evidence. The door of reason opens not once but many times. Come on a journey to free thought where the war is against ignorance and the victor is a rational mind.

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