Well, I don’t really think the way I do because of an “atheist” book. However, I would say that these books really furthered my thinking. Here are a few books:
1.”Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman,
that helped me conceptualize irrational thinking responses as an emotional hijacking.
2.”Dignity: The Essential Role It Plays in Resolving Conflict” By Donna Hicks,
helped me see how to better manage my prosocial interactions with greater ethical humanitarian empathy.
3.“The Soul of Liberty: The Universal Ethic of Freedom and Human Rights” By Fred E. Foldvary,
that helped pushed me to be a universal ethicist, not in a part of my life but as a driving goal of my life as well as a demanding rational mindset to master thinking,
4.“Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping” by Jacquelyn Small,
seeing that we often have trained out of our self the ability to be naturally humanistic and thus therapeutic and it assisted me in wanting to increase my and others ability to be a more benevolent, as I am always striving for more humanity and human flushing.
5.“The New Science of Axiological Psychology” by Leon Pomeroy,
which helped turned me into an into an “axiological” atheist, though it is not an atheist book, stated in its beginning pages that morality was too important to leave in the hands of religion; thus, is what helped turn me from a calling myself a spiritual atheist (mysticism atheist) into an “axiological” atheist (value theorist atheist or value science atheist). I used this unreasonable term as I was an ex-christian and could at that point not completely think beyond the anti-rationalism vale I had been raised with; the even though I had dropped all god beliefs the other nonsense thinking still blended in at all the edges of my thinking and perceptions, thinking one had to have something mystical to be ethical or humanistic as a life persuasion, I was calling myself a spiritual atheist thinking one had to think mystical to yes, I was once so misinformed).

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