Let’s END faith’s corruption of rational thinking. It is in our power if we truly try. The folly of faith and its use as a method to truth or knowledge has been a great unreason, which has plagued humanity for thousands of years.

How can we stop the use and promotion of faith’s errors in rational thinking and champion something new?

It is easy; all we need is a RATIONALISM REVOLUTION, accepting only the realism of naturalism’s proven reality and rejecting the disproven superstitions as well as unproven supernaturalism of religions’ nonreality or otherworldly pseudo-reality.

As modern rationalists we need to encourage a reasoned epistemology revolution, allowing only justified true belief built on valid and reliable reason and evidence, because that is in our power to create and make happen in the here and now.

We do not need force or weapons to champion this worthy endeavor. Rather, we need to follow rational critical thinking ourselves and inspire others to do the same, instead of falling back to the irrationalism of faith thinking one of the most failed epistemologies to validate anything.

By Damien Marie AtHope

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