“Just Be”

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be?

Compared to no one.

A prize all by yourself.

We would have the freedom to fly through life, enjoyed for the wonderfully unique person we are.

Yet a true appraisal on life shows that it is just not that way.

Maybe it’s just the dumb people in life that won’t let that happen.

Maybe I could start a revolution of new thought, “Yes.”

I will start by seeing the beautiful wonders of difference all around me.

I will learn to love everyone for whom they are.

That’s all, But it’s a lot.

Don’t compare, Enjoy yourself.

And just be.


We are all born and set adrift among a world filled with such dark hate

What we need is some sunshine, to knockout the dark spots

In the world, you are unlike simply if you are not the right color, not the right sexuality

Right man, right woman or don’t fit a gender

Funny, if I could remake the world,

I would make it so there was no race, no sexuality, no gender

Then we could all get along and fit in

I blink my eyes, “Sorry” it must have just been the sunshine

This will never come true

Oh, but if it could even come close to being true

Let the sunshine fall down over me

Please let the sunshine in you, and then maybe we all could be free.

Why did we let this cloud block the sun?

The clouds of so many forms of bigotry and hate of others.

Maybe a little sunshine could clean our minds

Leaving only the light of love.

Maybe the sunshine of true understanding and love, could shine into the hearts of every last hater…

I close my eyes and hope, and let the sunshine warm me.

I guess, I will just enjoy life, letting my inner sun shine!

“Invisible Bars”

Tripping on what cannot be forgotten.

Falling from what is yet to be learned.

Prison of the mind is burning

will the old indoctrination ever fully be overturned.

Can one who lost their way stop wanting to look back.

What was familiar is what was left behind as this journey began

This great task at hand

This lonely journey of trying to leave the matrix again and again

There is not just one door to open not just one hurdle to walk through.

But, the truth as at the beginning seems hidden

behind invisible prison bars you just cant see through.

Why does the mind want back in

Will this ever end?


Now I understand

I see out of the dark shadows, I have come

I now, know shame and blame run hand in hand

And they will topple even the tallest man

It’s all me, not them

I see forgiveness is the way

It brings a new day

I even need to forgive myself

For what I have said and done

I know I am not the only one

I want to set my sights on hope’s bright lights

All will turn out,

I hope?

“I Need a Friend”

I need someone

How about you?

My mind is lonely for someone to talk to

Alone I am caught in a web of insecurity

I have no shoulder to lean on

Life is exploding all around

Where are you to shield me?

A real friend to hold onto

How about you?

I need someone to care

But yet not just anyone

A friend who is strong and always there

Alone I am still haunted by every lonely tick of the clock

Every second seem longer

Like now, I need a friend for when things seem too much,

A listening ear even if there are no words to say.

They say friendship is a beautiful place,

Will someone take me there?

I need a friend,

Like you.

(((erotic warning)))

“A Demon lover”

Claws crawling over skin, wings of darkness my only friend.
Demon lover I now offer you the fullness of my sin.
Take me now or forever be alone again.
Spinning lust like the dark waters of my hart stir again.
My demon lover’s darkness drips from the lustful blood of our heartfelt kiss.
Claws burn and the blood grows hot with dark need again.
Lust so deep and consuming its darkness is like a slit in the wrist you cannot mend.
Demon lover I feel only dead without your bright darkness.
So lost without your vampire’s kiss filled with sin…

“Drifting in Passions Quicksand”

A mind is awakened like from a dream as I see you.
Like words that stain the mind you have written with a heavy hand, letters of lust upon my heart. Your touch like a thousand points of light pierce darkness. The rotten souls of those who wish to know you as I now do bow at my feet. Yet again you kiss me and I hold the rains of the devils steed freed and ignited by your prophecy of need. Like a victor of a crusade so long fought to finally be before your naked waiting body is rapture almost more than this once unbeliever can take. You grab my rooted warrior thick and filling in your hand like a sword gift. You guide me in and it’s as if all heaven has fallen apart the precious moments beyond any I ever new. Crack the temples let the dead walk free what erotic time is had between you and me. Its if there is no day or night in our embrace, I am reborn in your lovers flower that is such a gift a world would lovingly worship it as I do. The pleasure so right it’s like drifting in passions quicksand. And I only wish to sink under…

“Sacred Defilement”

I see your sexual lust like a bright light I must have to warm me. Cold like that of a thousand winters chill my soul with out having, you. Dark and lovely is the seconds I pass dreaming of tacking you as mine. Of snatching you away from this cruel world. This dragon’s heart bellows fire for you. How could we gab ever been so blind to the need I know we share. I see you there a fruit ripe and in need of picking. I catch you with me gaze, you passionately beckon back to me to do with you as I see fit. I bind you with my lust because I wish to protect you. I long to ravage you like a thousand year wait to a journeys end. I keep close like a warrior’s prized suit of armor. I build or castles to the sky because I love you my sacred defilement.

“Graveyard Love”

Stormy darkness, heavy lust, eyes of passion, a wicked woman to touch.Stone laden ground pay homage to the old ones, so long passed away invites our dark desire.We send chants aloft to keep dead souls at rest. I circle you hunting you lunging for you sex, sinking my hot teeth in to your chest. My claws touch you’re waiting skin your gift of passion. My hungers friend. I am the night I am lusts darkness born again. I am your demon lover I cut you clothes and bare your nakedness, I will have all of you take all you have to give I will make you mine. My teeth and lips find you pussy the scented world of your loins calls to me. I am hard thick with need throbbing heartbeat of manhood yearns to fill you. I spread your legs securing you to a grave so you cannot get away. You feel it cold and hard against you as I thrust my cock in deep and true. You feel my heartbeat from inside you my cock resonates like a burst of hot lust given flight. I take you to release my dark desire to fill you with my need. I release my passions seed sending warm shivers up your spine and then thrust my wet self in your mouth for you to milk me and finish me off. Starry night twinkles, gravies beneath stand strong and full moon up above shimmers off our heart pounding glistening bodies below. We are bold and beautiful in our graveyard love, but we are not alone, as the dead have watched our reveling in the joy of sin.

“Dominant Hocus-Pocus”

Dominant hocus-pocus the fulfillment of a dark lover’s dream.
Oh mistress, craftier indulgent dream weaver of my masculine lust.
Oh submissive one, your eroticism’s gift is so connected it inspires a lover’s commitment. Offer me your lusts and inspire lust’s hocus-pocus that sends this lion’s heart racing with a predators need. Dominant power thrusts for their previous deviance born in another’s willing submission. Burn me down, their eyes dark and deep are a sweet escape I so long for, strive for, would kill for. Take them on a journey so required it is as a pilgrimage worth a life lost. Control released in this dominant hocus-pocus the fulfillment of a dark lover’s dream. Oh mistress, this predator’s need is given such voice, a gift by you so freeing all fantasies come true.

September 2023


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