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I am a writer of the book self-help poetry book “Taste Your Emotions” and soon to be published atheist book “The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots”.

Losing My Religion?

I don’t know if I should be called a just an atheist as this is too limited to define my disbelief.

Thus I am best discribed as an Axiological atheist: (Ethical/Value theory Reasoned and Moral Argument driven) Atheism, Anti-theism, Anti-religionism, and Secular Humanism I also value Ignosticism or igtheism.

I was raised and forced to be Christian and for a time lived my whole life believing in the Christian faith. Though, I could have never have been touted as a holy person or a true follower of the Christian moral rules.

My life more often resembled the sinner than the saint. However, I truly believed what was taught to me about Christianity was the truth. Though, I nitpicked and had qualms with some of the philosophy, I still wholeheartedly was a believer and felt I was born again.

So what changed?

The beginning of the change was getting a bachelor of arts in Psychology, grasping critical thinking, rational analysis, universal ethics, and the need of proof.

However, the true starting point was Biology.

In essence, learning that we all begin as female and it takes specific processes to turn into a male.

But what fully made me “change” was two classes on religion the first comparative religions the second understanding the bible halfway through that class I stopped believing.

So if woman was created first! If the Bible starts on a lie, how can it ever find truth?

I started using a new rationale to analyze the Bible and not accepting it as truth outright. I thought how positive would we view a parent who puts a 2 years old child next to a cookie jar and tells them not to eat any cookies.

Then not only punish them for the rest of their life but to every generation to the end of time for an action they did not understand. No parent would be seen as just. Even the Bible says we should forgive after 7 years and how can it be justified to punish everyone who is guiltless for the action of one even if they did understand.

That would not be convictable in any court anywhere in the world. Yet, we are taught to praise a god who did just that.

I could go on and on about my views on the Bible and Christianity but I will end with one statement.

The Bible touts that the most important thing is the word. The word is so important that God himself wrote on stone with a lightening finger. Yet, we are to believe that Jesus comes to earth and does not write a word. Was he illiterate? If he was, how could he be God?

Jesus never asked anyone to write anything more in the Torah. Maybe he just forgot since he was so busy or maybe he was not God. He had 12 disciples; why did not all of them author a book on his behalf? Instead they too are silent. If Jesus and his disciples were silent, maybe he was not God.

Of if he was God, maybe he was silent because the Torah was already perfect. That would make the Christian Bible heresy.

I am unplugged from the faith Matrix

The matrix is all the biases, values, morals, stereotypes, beliefs, judgments, and requirements that society and religion mythologies force upon us.

The faith matrix of religion tells us how to act, think, and behave, what is right or wrong, and good or bad. The religion matrix is often the heartstring of every culture. It forces upon us what it feels as right and never caring about what we really need. The matrix binds us and confines who we really are.

How did I unplug from the religious and god matrix?

The first and most crucial element that must be grasped and lived wholeheartedly to be removed from the matrix and stay unplugged is the unilateral valuing of women, the way they think, and their gift of being to the world. Without this understanding of women, one can never be removed from the matrix. The matrix is male dominated in its width and breath and in the movie “The Matrix”  movie all the agents were men.

Equality in power in important and how men and women do this is often different. Women under stress are more pron to tend and befriend then fight or flight and in our modern society this is of higher need. I am not saying this is only limited to women as there is some men who do this also but we need most men to move past the fight or flight as it would make a more humanistic world.  When women lead it is more common everyone has largely rights and when men rule it is more common only men have the greatest rights. If you have a country or people who allow or support torture, mostly such a a country is one that women are not equal or valued and are oppressed. Its not the only factor but they do tend to go together.

The greatest unused asset occurring in the world that is untapped and could help solve many of the world’s problems is women. I have and do value women and am a feminist.

Another key aspect is to remove religion. I started to unplug myself when I removed religion mythologies its pseudo science, pseudo history as well as its pseudo morality and replaced them with real science, history, ethics and axiology.

An ethics and axiologcal value removed from god deluded morals and sin. I no longer have religion morals which are pseudo moral judgments and sin which is a condemnation built on a judgment. I have axiologcal value driven ethics.

I no longer follow good or bad handed down by some deity, culture, or family value. I have axiologcal value driven valuations of good or bad. I do what is healthy and pleasurable. I do not do what is harmful or causes pain. In this endeavor, I do not claim perfection. I am but a traveler and seeker of value, ethics, justice, and pleasure.

Reasons for or Types of Atheism

My colloge books where:

Understanding The Bible – By Stephen L. Harris – (7th Edition)

Living Religions – by Mary Pat Fisher – (6th Edition)

I am now an Axiological Atheist, Antitheist, Antireligionist, Ignostic, Secularist, Humanist, Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, educated in Psychology and Sociology; promoting Science, Realism, Axiology, Liberty, Justice, Ethics, Anarchism, Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Archaeology, and Anthropology; advocating for Sexual, Gender, Child, Secular, LGBTQI, Race, Class Rights and Equality. I am a nonbeliever (out atheist) so if religion is a big deal for you that may cause conflict with me though I disrespect religion and faith I do strive to respect people.

(Video: A little on my life)

Axiological Atheist or axiological “value theory” atheist, which is considered a constructive form of atheism is meant to denote an atheistic rejection of the existence of gods or supreme beings in favor of a “higher absolute”, such as humanity and the science of value in formal axiology or universal ethical principles. Axiological reasoning as a form of atheism mindset favors humanity as the absolute source of holistic ethics and care values, and permits individuals to resolve moral problems without resorting to gOD. One value of holistic universal ethics being humanistic is mutual care and responsibility. In the absence of a supernatural caretaker, we know that the responsibility for improving this world rests where it always has with the people who live, think, feel, and act in that world.

Marx, Freud, and others all used axiological “value theory” atheism to convey messages of liberation, full-development, and unfettered happiness. Axiological Atheism answers or offers a different thinking to one of the most common criticisms of some forms of atheism. Axiological atheism can be thought to believe in good utilizing the understanding of formal axiology and holds truth in objective morality or universal ethics holding that life can be meaningful showing to that denying the existence of a god(s) does not have to lead to moral relativism, leave one with no moral or ethical foundation, or somehow must renders life meaningless and miserable. I as an axiological atheist believe good or basic morality seeing it as natural and evolutionary such as all mammals seem to express or display elements of morality such as compassion, empathy, altruism, group bonding, shame, etc. but we human higher reasoning animals are different or more advanced. We do have higher moral reasoning than animals and can affirm or have intentionality in ethical standards we also can grasp the systemic or big picture and future ramifications to actions animals are more commonly fixed in here and now thinking. Doing helpful supportive things creates more good in the world” is NOT a human-limited concept and does not require some kind of “magic book with super being derived morals it is already hard-wired in us as a survive and thrive nature for beneficial evolutionary adaptation success. The “good brings more good” concept is an inherent and fundamental aspect of reality. In a physics example: you create enough heat, eventually things nearby start burning (making additional heat increases, even though it’s happening independently, or beyond, of your original input).

I was abused as a child and advocates against child abuse including spanking.

I am also is involved in advocating/activism for the human rights in general but tend to focus on rights of children, women and gender equality including transgender, genderqueer and Intersex people and LGBT as a whole. As well as for Separation of Church and State and universal secularism especially in government and society but also in other groups as well involving both freedom for and freedom from religion and rights of atheists and other nonbelievers or faith questioners.

Damien Marie AtHope is a prolific writer and meme creator on Facebook with many followers, shares, and likes. He has two Facebook atheist pages: “Axiological Atheist”  and “Atheists for Non-Aggression” .

He also has a Facebook political page: “Axiological Leftist”

A Facebook dating page: “Atheist for Non-monogamy”, and a connected Facebook group: “Atheist for Non-monogamy”

As well as a Facebook groups “(HARP) Humanism, Atheism, Rationalism, & Philosophy”, and a connected “HARP” meetup group.

Damien hosts a YouTube Channel where you can view more about him and some of the things he is doing like Atheist interviews and Atheist reality TV.

I live with his wife Shayna, with whom he has an open marriage and his two cats “Demon” and “Spirit”.

Damien is a genderqueer mentally feeling mostly duel gendered 60% male and 40 % female and is biologically mildly intersexed. He lives and advocates a open relationship / poly lifestyle.

A free dating sight I use and others may want to check out if they are not on it is okcupid: https://www.okcupid.com/ My profile is (Manhasneeds)

Damien is the male half of a couple into ethical nonmonogamy. I enjoys sex on his own but also, truly enjoy the friendship, and play that threesomes with his wife and a woman bring.

I will date women on his own as well as with his wife if everyone is into it and there is a connection. I believe that open relationships can be like expanded close relationships or a shared group relationship.

A long term goal would be to have a female partner for Damien and his wife as a full-time girlfriend or live in second wife.

As a open couple with a bisexual wife we have had casual threesome’s with women as well as dating women together. My wife does not play or date on her own but I have had flings and dated women on my own. This lifestyle is not new to us we have had an open relationship for around 9 years now.

We are both easy going people who love to have fun and play well with others.

My wife Shayna knows and supports me getting my sexual and love needs filled. Shayna will always be aware of what is going on, she is apart of me, and I enjoy women on my own and most of all we enjoy women as a team. Shayna is bisexual, more laid back than sensitive but fun to be around and she follows my lead in all we do.

I like all races of women from White to African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and Asian American, sizes from thick to thin tall to short and styles from conservative to Goth.

Feel free to ask anything. 🙂

Here is why my name is: “Damien Marie AtHope”

I was born Joseph Daniel Talosi which is why my brother is named Timothy Talosi. I legally changed my name, and now it is legally Damien Marie AtHope, So I legally changed my first, middle, and last name.
I chose the first name Damien because it means one who tames, protects or subdues. Also I have family from Hawaii and there was a priest Damien who had originally had the first name jozef translated in english as Joseph but changed it just like me. Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai (1840 – 1889), defied the catholic church and spent his life caring for the ones people stopped caring for as they where doomed to die, he never stopped seeing them as people of value and I too wish to never stop seeing the value in people or of human life. Although I am not saying he was a saint he still pushed religion and I do realize we should always question believed historic accounts of people like Damien as they can involve biases of Europeans and Americans (religion bious, ethnocentrism, racism, and Colonialism or Imperialism), as such is “greatness” may be inflated as well as discount the real experiences or roles of the native residents on Molokaʻi. However, Mahatma Gandhi, the important political leader of India, said that Father Damien’s work had inspired his own social campaigns in India and Father Damien Day is celebrated statewide in Hawaii on April 15.
I chose Marie to honor my gender diversity, being that I am mildly intersexed and genderqueer in my mental gender persuasion and I outwardly present as male. This gender difference is not to be confused as in my sexuality I am heterosexual or with my gender actually termed gynosexual meaning I am only sexually into women (cis women) and thus not bisexual or gay. Another reason I chose Marie is my wife’s middle name is Marie so we are even more connected by our middle names. I chose AtHope to mean “At” “Hope” a state of being I live in and I wish for others. Another reason I chose AtHope is I didn’t want my wife to have to give up her last name just to take my original last name as is traditional as we are not traditional. so instead we came up with AtHope as a last name to eater to honor our shared equal status union. 

I think the secret of who I am is I am still becoming who I am, which is the ever thoughtful and caring humanistic me.

My personality is ENTJ-A

Extraverted: 80%,
Intuitive: 56%,
Thinking: 57%,
Judging: 56%,
Assertive: 74%.

Role: Analyst
Strategy: People Mastery

My Profile: http://www.16personalities.com/profiles/565e5e74d8f12

Info on the A: Assertive individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals.

Take the test: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

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