“Dreaming of you”

I lay here so alone so cut off so far away from you. I long to be with you need so real, desire so sweet, I can hardly breathe my manhood engorges just thinking of you. I dream of kissing, I dream of touching, of pouring my lust out upon you. You are the alter of which my sacred need is transformed and released. Where are you, my body needs you, hard cock awoken with lust must simply breathe hard at the air and dream of taking you. my lips are dry, my soul shaking my heart inflamed as I dream of you lust anew, yet only have air to hold on to. I want to be the hot wind of lust that blows through you that ignites our passion as you do me to set free our need to loved, to bread. I am left, just laying here with dream of you so I try to make you real.


“Darkest Day”

One’s darkest day follows the darkest night. Most evil hosts never-ending band ghosts. I hoped and lost a dream that fell through my darkest day from rotted dreams of you. Like deep pools of sadness like a dark storm of despair its rain covers me its dark waters invade me I am thrown into a death of light, my darkest night. So lost, in this graveyard of lost love. I walk the barren streets alone, with no comfort or home. I looked for someone to care, someone to help but like before you slip through my fingers, and like a vacuum, the loss of you sucked out all hope leaving only dead air. I bow my head, in shame except for my fate, a heart of pain. Looking through cold eyes of steel, pain so close, feels too real. I am sinking I have no sold ground to feel assured. Sliding ever down a calm silence to my suffering as the quicksand-like fear of your leaving sinks in. I am living my darkest day…

“Zombie Lover”

Shifting wind scrapes skin. The heart of a wounded worrier is set free again. Lips so red, my zombie lover’s kiss is wet, with the blood of dead. I reach out to know you and am devoured. Control is indeed a thing of doubt but the screaming shared is true in our lover’s tower. Zombie lover, you are my apocalypse of the heart. You are the ever-changing dark lust of remembrance. So powerful is my need for you, I can never forget. Shifting wind scrapes skin again and it’s as if I can feel you in my head. A thousand wicked words will filter from our bed. So consumed, I willingly offer you my rose of love, taken from the graves of the dead.


“Dream of Whips and Things”

I dream a little dream of whips and things.

Girls tied down and spread, waiting for me in my bed.

While others have high hopes and fairy dust, I like darker things and unbridled lust.
I want to grab you from behind and with a bite of the neck enter you from behind.

I have dreamed a little dream for us tonight; your “womeness”, will set the mood just right.

Lips, breasts, pussy, touch, smell, taste, feel, and much more all feels so right.
I dream a little more you are there on all fours wet and waiting like a good little slut, you know I need.

Things are so close now to close to bare, soft skin, hard nipples for you know what is about to come, this is a dream we both share our a little dream of whips and things the game has begun. 


“Loves dark waters”

Undercurrents stream like sweat from every poor in my mind.

I am hijacked by dark dreams of you.

A restless invader bent on consuming all.

I am not my own as I fall free through the air.

So lost this dead man’s plank I am forced to edge-on.

Where are you to rescue me?

Where am I that I am so lost?

I see not a light at the end of this closing tunnel?

The self-made cell of unrequited love chokes out hope.

I can’t touch you and make it all go away.

Your hand I desire is already clutching tightly to another.

The faceless victor, your champion pursuer.

I am bound and spotlighted by loves dark waters.

Is it too soon or just too late….. 


“Dark Hand, touch ME”

Lust so pure, it temps the mind with its soulful need.

Need so clean, its darkness wets the tongue and sends the heart racing.

Touch so longing, hope’s desire of a dream about to be fulfilled.

Fingertips and full soft lips like dreams of you come true.

Hands of lust touch me, my dark romance, love me.

Gliding down sweet lips, full breasts, and soft hips.

Hard full need entering you as if a release of bated breath, my hot lust is fulfilled within you.

Completeness so profound, dark hand how you have touched me.



In the dark storm of my life,

I can always hope to soon find a rainbow.

Even the darkest storm will one day end and like an old friend, there will always be a bright rainbow.

The rain that fell like a death wave for so long now seems to end its dreariness fades out and the way ahead clears.

In its passing comes the sun of new days to come.

The sun always seems so far away in the rain

A rainbow springs forth, as if from nowhere from the now shimmering white clouds.

It is an explosion of life in the deep blue pools of the heavens

Its lights float to some far-off place, I see that the world has such wonder, such hope for something new.

The glittering lights of the rainbow call to me they hold the promise of a happier tomorrow.

I free myself and wash in its joy, remembering my own power

Out of a dark storm past my mind’s eye is liberated to soared among the rainbow’s iridescent colors

I leave my troubles behind. Everything becomes warm and new.

Smiling I realized hope and joy are my own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


“Darkened Heart”

Hell is only a moment but this life’s toil lasts a lifetime.

One splits the vale when they walk through the shadows and oppressive screams of a darkened heart.

Hear the faint echoes of a painful past calling out the inner cry, which has never been released.

Filled with broken promises, shattered dreams, and lost hopes, the pendulum sways tightening the ropes.
Everything seems so distant yet to dam close, familiar yet somehow different.

In the darkness, there is a thirst for touch, a taster for blood.
Must reach out now or except life’s choke, try to break the hold sick memories have on my heart.
Cannibalize it all and fuck it all away, let go of the past, or embrace this new dark direction, ghosts and phantoms of memory chill with their ice grip.

In the darkness, I see a light, of a thousand fires the camps of the dammed burning bright in homage to me.
A dark hand reaches out in my mind, pulling me down so I am left drowning in my darkest heart.


“Backwards Evolution”

Blackness blood from the darkest heart, the stream of which flows passion to a lover’s sexual Sodom and Gomorra.

Breathing beast of heavens hoes, lost again in such lustful throws.

Pale reflections of our needful embrace, shimmer as if one’s last night alive.

Come to me now and enter my lover’s storm, get lost in a heart’s song so distant it seems ever-present.

Float into me, steal me up, use me, and lift me up.

Crying for a thousand lifetimes for I am so deeply lost in your kiss.

The path to forever now opens once again, a sweet delight to memorialize our night of sin.

How can anyone ever forget the stinging bite of wholeness, all is felt in but a moment lost in rapture with you?

Bless me now for your body I do take, your mind I do forsake, and our love we make breaks against my need like a backwards evolution…


“Invisible Person”

What if you saw her, would you help her? Can you see the one who is often passed up as if she isn’t there?

To assist would take an offer built upon a hope or a care, now do you see her there.

She is more than the wicked one, she is the queen of damned.

Invisible she is condemned by all.

She is whosoever you despise.

She is nothing, lost as human and removed from your humanity, a hated thing.

Just one, made to wear the scarlet letter of an invisible person, one condemned and forgotten.

See her now, as she holds out her crown of thorns and is made to suffer silently.

Can you see her now? Can you see her there on her knees begging for a hope, will you dare?

Can you love her? Do you even care?

Or is she just another invisible person…


“Dark Waters of My Twisted Heart”

Storm outside, a rain so dark and empty it holds you in special reverence.

The rain of hollow tears lost to your beauty, are beyond remembrance.

Open wide my lust and set yourself free, in my fire.

Enter the small place inside you, where we can become one.

Forget it all and just be lust set free, as you float into my passion’s turbulent dark seas.

Off go the shackles of what should not be.

Exposed in all that can be, you find my twisted heart and you willingly do take the hunger of my lust, as one with a starving person’s need.

We are one.

Don’t hold back an inch, please now partake.

The heart that once lived for self now dies to you, just to be reborn and made anew in you.

Where are we so lost in a lover’s embrace, you my lover’s paradise, my lover’s scorn like knotted hearts pierced by thorns set free.

Now that we are apart hear my sad song of rain which shines brightly in my longing for you.

I need to touch you, bite you, take you, make you, enjoy you, and find the dark waters of my twisted heart and for a moment become one with you again and again without end.


“Heart of Pain, Rise Again”

We are not the scars that made us, or the abuse that enslaved us.

We are not the shame that drained us, or the intolerance that trained us.

We are not the fear that betrayed us, or the dark narratives that may have started our lives of pain.

We are who we choose to be in the here and now!

We are the authors of our future.

We do not have to be limited by our past!

A starting place is not the journeys end.

We can grow and mend.

Like how a hard seed can turn into a giving tree, I must move past the pain inside of me.

We must be ready to welcome the new life created with our own hands.

Embraced with open arms and an open heart; not just to receive but to freely give love so our heart of pain can rise again.


“Beast Free”

Night of darkness run from me. Fright and horrors run through me until I see you. Bite me, fight me, and excite me awake the animal need inside us both. Sexual desire, my woman, an adulatory gift. Grab you, clutch you, find all of you in your sacred space then we own this place. Dark dream in flesh, so tempting a prey, I cannot help but take her and entice her my way. Possession almost too much to take, blood racing fast now longing for the joy we will partake. I am changing, it is a change of fate. Beast in man, morphing who I am. Evil minds inspire, this son of Cain, dark passion are born then set free again. I devour your offering as you do the same for me, the precious gift that sets us free. Make your lust so pure for me, we will cum without end. The beast in me is born anew; I open like a dark veil and melt into you. Passion entwined with hunger. You feel my fleshly cock hot with lust hidden deep in you. I feast on the dragon’s flesh as I have a thousand times before. Your dark gift is so bright it lights the night. I take all you have to give and more. I am a beast freed as I cum inside you with a roar.

I am a beast free.


“Ravens Kiss”

Darkest torment yet in your kiss renewed. Flowering lust beats its wings and takes flight. Cauldrons burn at our wicked delight. Inside the hollows and broken pieces of the night, your passion twists its way through me. Oh, darkened wing my defiled and wicked thing, I embrace you with all I have to give, my raven’s kiss.


“Alone I Wait”

Crack it open. Split the dawn, heart of desire so suffocating, this thread of lust I am sliding on.
Like a goodnight kiss, that draws us near. The hot breath like a dyeing rose still lingers from our embrace. Now a far-off dream crawls its way accost my mind like a possessed undead thing that seems too near. Hunger so present yet chained to the future I have but memories of your face that are so lost in the past. Something inside growing, burning, turning, and knowing; my threat of collapse into a love relapse is ever going. Alone I wait wondering why this not let go and reaching like a dying breath for your sweet embrace. We can feel all but is it too late, so alone we are crushed by need to the point our hearts could break. I find you in my dream a fluttering hope rewinds time and I am with you again. I remember your touch like hopes lost friend. So real is the warmth in my mind as memories of my time with you are like a lover’s cauldron stirred in our honor. So wanting, so sure, and true you lovingly received my need. Teeth and fangs are free, release the need let louse the rains of my devil’s stead. Pierce the sacred flesh and let it bleed.
Blessing from the hand of fate, so long, so ready, how much longer will you make me wait.

In the lover’s dungeon alone I wait.


“Galaxy faraway”

Look into me; you may see I am a galaxy far away, where a moment once lost comes like a lifetime rushing back in. My eyes now heavy are not my own, pulled a sunder sent to space like a spinning torrent you cannot stop motivated by a past tide of hurt that comes burning back to the present.

Past hurts splash downfall one after another I am no longer floating free in a galaxy far away, instead, I am here lost between two worlds not here nor there. Past that is so ever-present, like a scream are let louse to drift into nothingness.

A galaxy far away is but a hopeful dream, it is so lost of purpose one’s borne of meaning now go’s still it’s almost like a dream realized too late a not desired choice too late to make. A galaxy far away is but a lover’s kiss wished for when there already in long in the grave.

I am no longer there almost in a different galaxy far away one can barely see the me I use to be, but in a moment, I am back again. I am lost away stolen from my galaxy faraway robed again of the freedom so hard-fought and earned.

The passage rolls ever down past a galaxy far away, should I cry for the pain the little hurt child experienced that I no longer am. And another tear sends me drifting to a galaxy far away.

Pain fills in from long ago from a galaxy far away; I guess just not far enough today, I guess for now I am so lost again.


“I Need You.”

Woman my willing gift, you taunting tease so devilishly sweet. Woman, you are going to make me release as I have never before known. Feel my need heavy and strong like steel broken and poured out upon our body. So intertwined is our lust we are caught in a rapture to which we cannot getaway.

Woman, I need you. I hold you, I am so lost with you. Spellbinding is your lust, you bind me and corner me. Even if I try, I just cannot get away and am so overwhelmed with passion, I fear giving in. You are an opening flower, spreading your legs for me, exposes your moist velvet peddles to my evil intent. You wrap your whole being around me, in this delightful dance of sin. Even though I say not a word, what it is to taste your flesh, my mind salivates and quivers knowing all of you.

Every part laid bare, a delight to share. You will soon envelop my full maleness, and then at bliss, I will be wetting you with my seed. You feel every inch of my golden arrow as it finds its mark. Violating our innocents together and yet being renewed. Castles fall beneath us as we break down all the walls between us. Can you taste the dark forged need against your lips?

See the fire in my eyes; I am drunk on the rapture of you. I grunt and growl as I pulsate hot ribbons of love that fill you to your core. You feel my heartbeat in you as blood swells my rooted warrior again to the point of release. I then feel the beast born again in me; the ravager lust becomes a raging fire that consumes us both. You too are like a thing of need possessed we scratch and bite each other’s body all over growling mouth is wet with the heat of our flesh.

Oh, how I need you…


“Lions on the hunt of passion”

Beasts of need our thoughts are of teeth, claws, and skin on skin. With grunts of passion, touching, clutching, and kissing now we begin. Wild and free, I peruse you as you hunt me. Lions on the hunt we play biting, sucking, licking, penetrating, and melting into you as you too crash like a wave onto me. I climb your forbidden mountains and find your hidden treasure so far in the valley below. Our heights of pleasure tinged with desire like a consuming fire and our predators’ orgasmic release comes, again and again.


“See to Sea”

Walk the path seldom taken. Brave the trail so many have forsaken. See past the sea of me, the stubborn selfish tree. The tree is once again blocking my view, again, alone through the wall of self I cannot see you. Oh, how I stumble when I forget. Lay waste this forest of my own disrespect. Page-turns; see past the sea so ever near my shore. Leave the unwanted things on the floor. Let lose the bird of freedom. Set my path anew; see past the sea of me, to be there for you. I must see beyond the sea me, me, me to love you….



Alone and insufficient you may find me. Scared and unwanted, you seem to have forgotten me. To know me, you would have to care. To love me you would have to see me there. Love is now absent and it feels so lost without even a pause for air. It is you or none at all, so lost in the madness of it all. Stagnant waters drift in the eyes of the one who use to care. I see you there but do you no longer see me? Barren is the breath devoid of hope. Here I stand awaiting your hangman’s rope. You left without a hope, a love, or a care. Now all I feel is alone and scared without you. I ask where are you, for I now seemed to even have lost me without YOU.


“To love”

To love is to breathe the breath of hope.

To love it to touch the face of joy with the open arms of innocence.

To love is to learn how to believe in the passion of lust’s birth into freedom.

I love LOVE, it sets the heart ablaze and charms my past woes with its innocence.

Love reaches so high you can feel completely grounded.

To love is to lose yourself in the heart of another…


“The Magic of One”

One is given but one life.

There is but one day and one night.

Give me that one chance, that one bite.

That one moment is so right.

That one dance of the lover’s tryst.

You will be my one delight.

Say yes now, my one hope come true.

That one night together, my heart entwined with you.

One connection beyond any one moment we ever knew.

Together we will find the magic of one.


“Red Sun Night”

Red sun, hangs warm and welcoming in the sky.

As if a smile sent from the red light above, my heart warms.

The red sun in the night sings of our love’s delight.

Truth so profound I find in your kiss.

A red sun, in the morning, is a warning of troubles ahead.

However, like our love, a red sun night announces safe passage, a traveler’s delight.

Your lips are as warm as the night’s red heart and like the crimson sun; your touch captivates my mind.

You are my lover’s paradise, my passions friend, my bright red star of love at night.

You are my hope beyond hope, my journeys end.

You are the birth of every new beginning; you shine so brightly in my heart.

I am so in love with you, I will never get over you, my love so true

Warm red sun, big and strong like my heart, always there for you.

Always calm, always right, like the red sun calm and hanging in the night.


“Our Dreams”

I dream of how my claws felt on your skin.

Soft kisses in the night again, a fate so long fought, a lover’s friend.

I dreamed of our last night of skin on skin, a dream so true, unraveling pleasure without end.

The birth of lust grew in the release of our sin.

I dreamed and so longed for a heart’s return, a journey’s end.

The welcomed touch, the deepest burn, and the strongest mend.

I am dreaming of days gone by, of star-lit nights and a lover’s kiss goodbye.

I dream of hopes anew, of hands held tight entwined with you.

So long ago, so far away, I dream sweet dreams so true.

Do dreams of you begin only once or can true dreams ever mend a heart of longing?

Were our dreams only fantasies, can hopes of lust returned ever end?


“You Yes You”

You matter, you have value. If you have to try and prove you matter or that you have value then the person you are with is not worth it in the first place. Start being your own friend you would not let a friend be treated this way. It is not crazy to want love from a lover. Don’t accept others in your life not caring for you, you are a worthwhile person. You Yes You.

What if you don’t love yourself?

Then one should start trying to see themselves as they would see a friend and help yourself see your worth loving. In addition, if it’s still heard ask a friend for help, and if you don’t have any close friends be loving and friendly to others and then mirror this for yourself. I wish you love. Love is not a word as much as a kind and thoughtful behavior.

When was the last time you thanked yourself for hanging in there with all the stuff you have been through? Well as we send love and friendship out to the valued people in the world may we not forget to show love and friendship to ourselves as we too are one of the valuable people in the world.


“Still small Voice”

Like a weathered, cold, alone, and forgotten land; my mind sits as if a predator waiting to devour. I touch the highest mountains and I peak through the dark, knotted, twisted, and monolithic pillars of a wasted life. I am but broken and discarded an unwanted treasure laying in the dusty footsteps of those so long been denied. Hear my anger, hear my need, taste my vengeance, watch how you made me bleed. Eyes so bright, burn as memories of what has been done become a torrent and bleed through. A still small voice of the one you left behind, calling back to you. Now and forever, we are dreadfully entwined. A soulful heart fallen through, is now born anew and the sad song you gave to me. I now hand it back to you. Hearts of freedom, I call to you, hear my cries, love me as the one you never knew. Heart of darkness, warm me now, don’t let a thousand-day dreams of pain standstill. Silence, like the calm before the storm, like the wave before the shore, I am a still small voice that is about to roar.


“Soft as THE HAND of love”

Soft as a dragon’s tail that brushes accost closed lips. The virgining night, of our shared lust, is like a beast set free to kill at will. Flushed with passion and desire crazed it is as if my loins are saying soldiers man the battlement’s the castle tower is overrun. Our bodies collide in our passions tryst with such hunger it is as if the legion of hell is at our bidding. I want to disappear in you so wonderfully dark is this veil of our love. Dark hand turns in me now, with you blinding tight, binding so right. Flowers of the grave shine for you blood of the wicked dine on you. I give you my hand of the grave, your lover’s slave. Peaceful pools of passion now settle in your words of wicked antagonism. Dripping stench billows in your raven’s eyes. You whip your me dragon’s tail to remember you, you beat me with your dragon’s wings to prove our love is true, but you show me the dance of darkness is over by a soft hand of love so true.


“Dragon’s Flesh”

Wings of need fan the flames of my wicked heart’s dark desires. High above it all dreams of you draw me ever down. Sight dims, as I am drunk on the beauty of you. Wings of lust take flight again. Your power over me is controlling like angry villagers breaking free from the circling dust. I want to run away from my hollow need and be made anew in the satisfaction of your dragon’s flesh.


“Wretched Heart My Only Gift”

Value given, witches cauldron digs its way in.

Speechless words force their crashing waves drowning all.

From a heaven set ablaze to my hell-bound heart.

I plead to you spare me the love lost fateful abyss.

Stepping into your sin, the roots of hate grow deep in the children of man.

Bodies lay broken and my hearts victims.

Slaves are punished just because they can.

Taken like a worthless thing, the sun holds hope no more.

Blessed arms of deliverance fall down over me.

Wretched Heart set me free.


“Your Dark Star”

I am heady with need. I long to feel your hole of engorged passion, your dark star that is so tight, makes me feel so good, and makes my heart feel so bright. I see your soft tender folds nestled in between plump round soft pillowy luscious orbs. Ords of your behind, full and round separate. Plump round womanly flesh moves rhythmically exposing your dark star, that glides my rooted manhood into you. I touch you, with my love-member. I feel you shyly tense up and try to pull away. Yes, it is like a hunt, just your dark star and me; like a dance toward the light of sweet release. I am a lust traveler ascending then dropping down again; my cock and your female ass a match made in heaven. I slowly and full of need push harder down, I feel you fight me at first, I think “goddess” I love this part. When you finally surrender and lovingly bring my cock into the magical place of floating pushiness, that feels so good, so hot, so tight. I fully enter in your world now, throbbing manhood sliding in and out with the rhythm of lust so pure. I am sent into your dark star, a place of magical bliss. Blossoms of need spill from me as I release my streaming seed deep into your core. You feel me pulsate, in you again and again like the fast beat of my heart. I grip your hips shoving as hard as I can and let go. Our dance of passion is through but never over.


“Running Backwards?”

Head is heavy, inner being is so full of anguish. Running backwards or am I standing still. Can one really ever stop this life’s escalator seems to be going down? I say things to hurt another; thoughtlessly now tears spiral to the ground. What can I do in this my ending chase, the castles fall in my rat race? Will, I ever be, a better me; and strive to know how to be there better for you. I trip on my own words again and end up hurting you. What nights I see may end at this beckoning dawn. I did it again; I acted wrong. I must try anew; to be the better me you knew; the better man the one so true. I must move ever faster not just get so lost running backwards. I ask you to forgive, but I know you will not forget. This payment laid in my regret is but I a flimsy reset to a path not followed. Therefore, I sit dropped into a world of sorrow. Am I standing still or am I running backwards.


“Passions Twist”

Silent and still you lay before me.
Skin to skin warm underhand, I feel all you can be.

Desire now turns caresses once soft, to grow faster and faster.
In passion, we twist our souls set to laughter.
Lips upon lips our bodies collide, a feast of the flesh on this our lovers ride.
Passion twists around and surrounds us.

Pulls down the world outside that had bound us.


“Will you be Mine”

Lovely maiden, my dream weaver, you call to me with your beauty. Your lips so inviting like petals from a rose offered as a gift. Your body a canvas I wish to paint with my desire. Your touch is so cruelly denied me; I yearn for it with every heartbeat. How my body is on fire for you it is set ablaze and threatens to consume me. Where are you to tame my wayward lust, so dominating my every moment without your release? Am I trapped by time and space so fully, I will forever only get to but hold dreams of you?

Will you be mine?


“Love so True”

To love is to learn how to care.
To live we must learn how to share.
How I long for a love so true with you.
Can you take me there?
A passion for hope I start to dare.
Longing to try, please prove you are there.
Whisper me something in your lover’s flare.
Talk of endless tomorrows between me and you.
I have it all in our love so true.


“Red Rose of Hell”

Full red lips glisten

Like a blood drop of the dead now awaken to listen.

Fangs so long, so ghostly white.

Such a luscious bite you send the night.

Call to me, a dragon’s throat my sweet seducer

You are my red daughter of Lucifer.
You are a red rose that shivers of lust

You have me under a demon’s spell of hell inner trust.

I kiss your soft skin on skin whirling dragon’s tail.

Desire consumes me with your fire spell.

Prick my heart my red rose of hell.


“A Demon Lover”

Claws crawling over skin, wings of darkness my only friend.

Demon lover I now offer you the fullness of my sin.

Take me now or forever be alone again.

Spinning lust like the dark waters of my heart stirs again.

My demon lover’s darkness drips from the lustful blood of our heartfelt kiss.

Claws burn and the blood grows hot with dark need again.

Lust so deep and consuming its darkness is like a slit in the wrist you cannot mend.

Demon lover I feel only dead without your bright darkness.

So lost without your vampire’s kiss filled with sin…


“Ravager’s Heart”

Then I say we are not through yet my love, my gift to a ravager’s heart. I spread your ass and fill it with my cock still sticky and wet from your pussy. I spank your ass and thighs as I enjoy you anally. I feel sweet release so close, I force my cock as deep as it will go in your ass, you stretch willingly, and you surrender all to me. I scream aloud as I cum hard like a demon releasing. I pull out and stick my quivering cock in your loving hand and you grasp lovingly feeling me pules and shake, with my lust relishing in streams that wetting the floor. You wash me clean with a hot warm towel it is if I am nurtured to a rebirth. Cleaned and renewed, I lovingly say suck me darling and softly use your mouth slowly stroke over and around my dick. You hold me, warm mouth in control of me, as you gaze up into my loving ravager eyes as I tell you “I love you my gift to a ravager’s heart”.


“I Dream a Little Erotic Dream”

I dream a little dream of passion and knotty things of pink and red. Girls tied down and spread, awaiting me in my bed. While others have high hopes and fairy dust I like darker things like ropes and unbridled lust. I want to grab you from behind and with a bite of the neck enter you like you are mine. I have dreamed a little dream for us tonight; your naked “womeness” will set the mood just right. Lips, breasts, nakedness; smell, touch, taste, feel, and this passion’s dream takes flight. I dream a little dream tonight, you are there surrendering to me on all fours wet and waiting, my gift to adore. Things are so close now, too close to bare, soft skin, hard nipples, excited, for you know what is about to come. This is a dream we create as we both share, our little dream of passion and things the game has begun when a dream, is made real in our erotic dance of fun.


“Darkest Breeze Brightest Night”

The dark passion rolled over the land like a demon’s kiss wet and heavy in the mist. Dense and hot, the air almost too hard to breathe so full, of lustful need.

Alone he is made to waits shot through with a yearning fire and a driving compulsion to possess her naked body. The sweet joy of ravagement wets his tongue and sends his mind racing.

She willingly surrenders the brightness of her lust like a gift to him, melting with his dark need colliding like two supernovas of passion in this starless night. He longingly accepts her demonic possession and she lets go of the wellspring of her loins. They become something alive and new together.

She will know his desire and taste his darkness so deep she will be consumed in his evil rapture. Closer and closer can she feel him ever near like a hunter’s bow stretched to shoot?

There you are my lovely. We find each other in our rapture. You are so supple your body so ripe for the picking, I cannot help but take you in. We are born again in our lover’s embrace. Your hands-on me, my hands on you, my hard cock penetrating you, you enveloping me, drawing me in and thrusting with me.

My body and mind fill you and making you surrender everything so complete like a breath stolen from a lover’s lips. You walk me down passions well like a soft breath at the nape of the neck that brings a chill. Then again my hands and my body are on you and you are all over me.

Together we are raised to the heavens then thrown hard to the ground. Frantic hands gripping flesh as we move around. We are one and so set free within the darkest breeze of our brightest night.


“Invading Darkness”

Hollow darkness my old friend, the dark passenger of sorrows is at it once again. Vale of woe falls into place like a dead man’s plank walked to the end. The tide of graves filling with my madness march hand in hand. Foul mood of creeping darkness gives rise to the destroying power at hand. Welcoming dark is but a lie you always bring in this reached world of pretend. Ending love that invading darkness.


“Drifting in Passions Quicksand”

A mind is awakened like from a dream as I see you.
Like words that stain the mind, you have written with a heavy hand, letters of lust upon my heart. Your passion is as a gift longed for, a thing of dreams I now find bowing in front of me. Yet again you kiss me and I hold the reins of the devil’s steed freed and ignited by your prophecy of need. Like a victor of a crusade so long fought to finally be touch like a thousand points of light, pierce the darkness. The rotten souls of those who wish to know you before your naked waiting body is rapture almost more than this once unbeliever can take. You grab my rooted warrior thick and filling in your hand like a sword gift. You guide me in and it’s as if all heaven has fallen apart the precious moments beyond any I ever knew. Crack the temples let the dead walk free what erotic time is had between you and me. It is as iff there is no day or night in our embrace, I am reborn in your lover’s flower that is such a gift a world would lovingly worship it as I do. The pleasure is so right, it’s like drifting in passions quicksand. And I only wish to sink under…



I lay here so alone so cut off so far away from you. I long to be with you need so real, a desire so sweet, I can hardly breathe my manhood engorges just thinking of you. I dream of kissing, I dream of touching, of pouring my lust out upon you. You are the alter of which my sacred need is transformed and released. Where are you my body needs you, hard cock awoken with lust must simply breathe hard at the air and dream of taking you. my lips are dry, my inner being shaking, my heart inflamed as I dream of you lust anew, yet only have air to hold on to. I want to be the hot wind of lust that blows through you that ignites our passion as you do me to set free our need to loved to bread. I am left just laying here with a dream of you, so I try to make you real.


“The Joker”

I play Love’s card game. However, in the thick deck of love, I seem to only draw the Joker card. He laughs as I lose. His laughter calls out to me. Cornered, I am dragged to so many questions. Love is supposed to be so sweet. I shuffle the deck, where is my Queen? Alone I am left feeling like a fallen King. I play the hand I am dealt. The Joker’s laughter again shoots around me. With my loser’s hand, I sit in the land of lost love. Alone I hope but feel sick now. Dealt the joker card by life’s unfairness. Without a Queen, I am brought to pain by the Joker’s evil chatter. He laughs at my empty deck. I am mocked by him and draw another card. Thinking I could find love, I again only draw the Joker card. Where are you? Is there not someone out there to love me? In hope, I play the game again. Will there be love or has the Joker’s laugh come true? Where are you, my Queen?


“Dreams of Ravishing You”

I dreamed about ravishing you last night. About tacking you and using you to satisfy my lust. I long to be free, and quench my dark heart full of need as I orgasm deep inside you. To bathe in the scent, feel, and pleasure of your flesh. To immerse you in the animal lust my wife and I share force you to lick her soft pussy sweet and heady with her feminine dipped world of yearning desire. I spank and finger your pussy and ass encouraging you to greatness. You feel her open up to you unfurling like a hunger flower aching for more of your rough licking. She arches her hips to you pushing her hot cum watering pussy in your mouth and screams out in pleasure. I grab you and kiss you deep and envelop my lips in the taste of my wife’s pussy that now is flavoring your yielding lips. Then I push you to the side to thrust into my wife’s pussy so wet and waiting to receive me and order you to suck her hard nipples as I use her to ignite my passion. With a breath born of passion I am brought to orgasm, I pull out and shoot my streaming cum across your ass. I pounce on you biting you in a lush-filled craze and my wife gives your delicate pussy a lick lashing to wet you in orgasmic joy to ease my ravishing of you. Then as in a dream, my hard throbbing fulfilled cock is egging and pushing its way into you. You feel it immersing itself in the gift of warmth you have to offer. I feel you all around me guiding me in engulfing me in all you have to give. You resonate around my dick as a hungrily thrust into you engorged in passion. My wife rubs your clit and sucks and bites your nipples as I fuck you. I slide in and out tell I can take no more and burst streaming ribbons of my seed into you, filling you with my pulsating warmth. I lick your pussy till you cum your brains out, all the while my wife kisses you. Forcing you in my dreams was such a rush, one day we will make it real!


“Shattered Love”

I do not like feeling, because the pain from love is all I feel. Scared of love I now lay still. Thick as the haze of pain, cold as ice it came like rumbling thunder. It rushed through me. I was left with a heart ripped open. Alone I scream, have I died. Love slipped away. Leaving me in an entangling realm of hate Lost in my expanse of anger, I long for love. Alone, sick of all that has been lost. I ask, “Who will give me love again?” “What was that?” Did I hear a voice calling out to me, it seemed so soft and clean. In a mist, she appeared. She stood over the grave I had so ignorantly made; she called down to me “I can love you.” I wondered did she really see me. I needed someone, anyone to love, so I reached out. Again, did so in vain, for the love offered was not real. My vision of love shared, shattered like an ethereal mist, and just faded away. I was in shock, why did I even hope? In tears, I wept. Slipping down my cheeks tears of love dripped off pulling the dream of love with them. Leaving only a shattered love!


“Empty Shell”

I embrace you, but your cold bosom kills all joy. Bound by the absence of your love. My heart must roam the street far past dark. Your empty words beat upon my back. Your lips hold emptiness as one who grasps the wind. I cry outside your door. Without your love. My restless eyes now go still. I embrace you, but your cold bosoms just won’t let me in. I look in your eyes but your expressionless face utters only silence. Therefore, I bid you good-bye. For it seems you have, already gone!


“Love, The Gamble”

In tears, I kneel at the throne of love, as I raise my head to the sky. I cry, “What is this spell I am under?” With a flash of light, it was there. Through my eyes now love, I see. The dreary lights from some romantic place, flickers in my mind. I long for love but the fire in my heart grows cold without you. Bowing in tears to the Life force of love, I roll the dice. Have I lost love? I wonder as they spin and spin, will they ever stop?


“Do I know Love?”

To love is to risk pain. To love is to learn how to cry. To love is to share life. To have true love is to find peace of mind. Could true love be something of mine? Is the risk worth the joy? With or without love is the question. Will love lost bring yet deeper loneliness, or will new love bring sweet life. With love now in my eyes, it scares me.


“Drowning with Emotions”

Racing, filled up, grasping at straws. My inner being is on overload, I wish I could scream, Cry, and Shout aloud, “I want it all.” Before I lose it all…

I yearn for the soft touch of another. I crave it with every breath. Racing, filled up, I am grasping at straws, so fed up. My blood boils, I want you, to know you, to touch you, to feel you close to me. I want to taste you, have all of you and more.

Breathe, just one moment and it will all go away. Racing, filled up, left grasping at straws. Please fill me up. I touched for the stars and hit the ground. Clotted dirt is everywhere. Crawling through feelings that drawdown like quicksand.

Yearning, burning, rage-like desire ignites fires in my inner being. Touch me, make me whole, and share the joy of innocents with me. Racing, filled up, I am left alone, even in my inner being, I am drowning!


“New Love”

Love now is so new, a friend I have always wanted. Unmoving I breathe in peace. The softness of love’s smile brightens up the day. I am learning to walk in the clouds of eternal love. My thoughts defy my simple tongue. Love in my heart warms me. I am sent to the land of excitement. Through love, joy is where I come from. I send my kiss of happiness out to the world. I now listen to love with a calm spirit of innocence. Yes, now love makes sense!



You are a gift, a special place I want to go. You are a comforting surrounding. Safety resides in you.  Beauty is because of you. With you, all my anxiousness subsides. Just to see your face and all my needless cares are supplied. You are the words like I only. Wish I could speak. You inspire and fulfill my life. You make things feel like home. With you, I am at home.




I love you more than a dream come true. I see you radiant, yet soft as a star in the calm night. I need you like the breath of life your love gives me. I want you like time for it seems too short when I am with you. My whole life seems a waste because it was not spent with you. I long for you, need you, deep, strong, and without reserve. My desire is only for you it is like a waterfall ever moving. I hunger to show you joy like the kind I feel, every time I hear your voice. I so want to be one with you. I see you and all I can do sometimes not to cry, is say I love you, and hold you tight. With you, I have it all. I love you, Shayna.


Poems By Damien Marie AtHope

Damien Marie AtHope’s Art

While hallucinogens are associated with shamanism, it is alcohol that is associated with paganism.

The Atheist-Humanist-Leftist Revolutionaries Shows in the prehistory series:

Show one: Prehistory: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” the division of labor, power, rights, and recourses.

Show two: Pre-animism 300,000 years old and animism 100,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”

Show tree: Totemism 50,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”

Show four: Shamanism 30,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”

Show five: Paganism 12,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”

Show six: Emergence of hierarchy, sexism, slavery, and the new male god dominance: Paganism 7,000-5,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (Capitalism) (World War 0) Elite and their slaves!

Show seven: Paganism 5,000 years old: progressed organized religion and the state: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (Kings and the Rise of the State)

Show eight: Paganism 4,000 years old: Moralistic gods after the rise of Statism and often support Statism/Kings: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (First Moralistic gods, then the Origin time of Monotheism)

Prehistory: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” the division of labor, power, rights, and recourses: VIDEO

Pre-animism 300,000 years old and animism 100,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”: VIDEO

Totemism 50,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”: VIDEO

Shamanism 30,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism”: VIDEO

Paganism 12,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (Pre-Capitalism): VIDEO

Paganism 7,000-5,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (Capitalism) (World War 0) Elite and their slaves: VIEDO

Paganism 5,000 years old: progressed organized religion and the state: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (Kings and the Rise of the State): VIEDO

Paganism 4,000 years old: related to “Anarchism and Socialism” (First Moralistic gods, then the Origin time of Monotheism): VIEDO

I do not hate simply because I challenge and expose myths or lies any more than others being thought of as loving simply because of the protection and hiding from challenge their favored myths or lies.

The truth is best championed in the sunlight of challenge.

An archaeologist once said to me “Damien religion and culture are very different”

My response, So are you saying that was always that way, such as would you say Native Americans’ cultures are separate from their religions? And do you think it always was the way you believe?

I had said that religion was a cultural product. That is still how I see it and there are other archaeologists that think close to me as well. Gods too are the myths of cultures that did not understand science or the world around them, seeing magic/supernatural everywhere.

I personally think there is a goddess and not enough evidence to support a male god at Çatalhöyük but if there was both a male and female god and goddess then I know the kind of gods they were like Proto-Indo-European mythology.

This series idea was addressed in, Anarchist Teaching as Free Public Education or Free Education in the Public: VIDEO

Our 12 video series: Organized Oppression: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of power (9,000-4,000 years ago), is adapted from: The Complete and Concise History of the Sumerians and Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia (7000-2000 BC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szFjxmY7jQA by “History with Cy

Show #1: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Samarra, Halaf, Ubaid)

Show #2: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Eridu: First City of Power)

Show #3: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Uruk and the First Cities)

Show #4: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (First Kings)

Show #5: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Early Dynastic Period)

Show #6: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (King Lugalzagesi and the First Empire)

Show #7: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Sargon and Akkadian Rule)

Show #8: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Naram-Sin, Post-Akkadian Rule, and the Gutians)

Show #9: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Gudea of Lagash and Utu-hegal)

Show #10: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Third Dynasty of Ur / Neo-Sumerian Empire)

Show #11: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Amorites, Elamites, and the End of an Era)

Show #12: Mesopotamian State Force and the Politics of Power (Aftermath and Legacy of Sumer)

Damien Marie AtHope’s Art

The “Atheist-Humanist-Leftist Revolutionaries”

Cory Johnston ☭ Ⓐ Atheist Leftist @Skepticallefty & I (Damien Marie AtHope) @AthopeMarie (my YouTube & related blog) are working jointly in atheist, antitheist, antireligionist, antifascist, anarchist, socialist, and humanist endeavors in our videos together, generally, every other Saturday.

Why Does Power Bring Responsibility?

Think, how often is it the powerless that start wars, oppress others, or commit genocide? So, I guess the question is to us all, to ask, how can power not carry responsibility in a humanity concept? I know I see the deep ethical responsibility that if there is power their must be a humanistic responsibility of ethical and empathic stewardship of that power. Will I be brave enough to be kind? Will I possess enough courage to be compassionate? Will my valor reach its height of empathy? I as everyone, earns our justified respect by our actions, that are good, ethical, just, protecting, and kind. Do I have enough self-respect to put my love for humanity’s flushing, over being brought down by some of its bad actors? May we all be the ones doing good actions in the world, to help human flourishing.

I create the world I want to live in, striving for flourishing. Which is not a place but a positive potential involvement and promotion; a life of humanist goal precision. To master oneself, also means mastering positive prosocial behaviors needed for human flourishing. I may have lost a god myth as an atheist, but I am happy to tell you, my friend, it is exactly because of that, leaving the mental terrorizer, god belief, that I truly regained my connected ethical as well as kind humanity.

Cory and I will talk about prehistory and theism, addressing the relevance to atheism, anarchism, and socialism.

At the same time as the rise of the male god, 7,000 years ago, there was also the very time there was the rise of violence, war, and clans to kingdoms, then empires, then states. It is all connected back to 7,000 years ago, and it moved across the world.

Cory Johnston: https://damienmarieathope.com/2021/04/cory-johnston-mind-of-a-skeptical-leftist/?v=32aec8db952d  

The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist (YouTube)

Cory Johnston: Mind of a Skeptical Leftist @Skepticallefty

The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist By Cory Johnston: “Promoting critical thinking, social justice, and left-wing politics by covering current events and talking to a variety of people. Cory Johnston has been thoughtfully talking to people and attempting to promote critical thinking, social justice, and left-wing politics.” http://anchor.fm/skepticalleft

Cory needs our support. We rise by helping each other.

Cory Johnston ☭ Ⓐ @Skepticallefty Evidence-based atheist leftist (he/him) Producer, host, and co-host of 4 podcasts @skeptarchy @skpoliticspod and @AthopeMarie

Damien Marie AtHope (“At Hope”) Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secular Humanist. Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Advocate, Activist, Psychology, and Armchair Archaeology/Anthropology/Historian.

Damien is interested in: Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality, Ethics, Humanism, Science, Atheism, Antiteism, Antireligionism, Ignosticism, Left-Libertarianism, Anarchism, Socialism, Mutualism, Axiology, Metaphysics, LGBTQI, Philosophy, Advocacy, Activism, Mental Health, Psychology, Archaeology, Social Work, Sexual Rights, Marriage Rights, Woman’s Rights, Gender Rights, Child Rights, Secular Rights, Race Equality, Ageism/Disability Equality, Etc. And a far-leftist, “Anarcho-Humanist.”

I am not a good fit in the atheist movement that is mostly pro-capitalist, I am anti-capitalist. Mostly pro-skeptic, I am a rationalist not valuing skepticism. Mostly pro-agnostic, I am anti-agnostic. Mostly limited to anti-Abrahamic religions, I am an anti-religionist.

To me, the “male god” seems to have either emerged or become prominent around 7,000 years ago, whereas the now favored monotheism “male god” is more like 4,000 years ago or so. To me, the “female goddess” seems to have either emerged or become prominent around 11,000-10,000 years ago or so, losing the majority of its once prominence around 2,000 years ago due largely to the now favored monotheism “male god” that grow in prominence after 4,000 years ago or so.

My Thought on the Evolution of Gods?

Animal protector deities from old totems/spirit animal beliefs come first to me, 13,000/12,000 years ago, then women as deities 11,000/10,000 years ago, then male gods around 7,000/8,000 years ago. Moralistic gods around 5,000/4,000 years ago, and monotheistic gods around 4,000/3,000 years ago. 

To me, animal gods were likely first related to totemism animals around 13,000 to 12,000 years ago or older. Female as goddesses was next to me, 11,000 to 10,000 years ago or so with the emergence of agriculture. Then male gods come about 8,000 to 7,000 years ago with clan wars. Many monotheism-themed religions started in henotheism, emerging out of polytheism/paganism.

“Animism” is needed to begin supernatural thinking.
“Totemism” is needed for supernatural thinking connecting human actions & related to clan/tribe.
“Shamanism” is needed for supernatural thinking to be controllable/changeable by special persons.
Together = Gods/paganism

Damien Marie AtHope’s Art

Damien Marie AtHope (Said as “At” “Hope”)/(Autodidact Polymath but not good at math):

Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secular Humanist, Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Jeweler, Poet, “autodidact” Philosopher, schooled in Psychology, and “autodidact” Armchair Archaeology/Anthropology/Pre-Historian (Knowledgeable in the range of: 1 million to 5,000/4,000 years ago). I am an anarchist socialist politically. Reasons for or Types of Atheism

My Website, My Blog, & Short-writing or QuotesMy YouTube, Twitter: @AthopeMarie, and My Email: damien.marie.athope@gmail.com

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