We should strive to be our best, not just in thinking and reason but in character and behavior. But we can be prone to desire the transformative feeling of superiority, that can then blind us to the benefit or the need for reasonable civility as much as possible as; which really is needed as we are emotional social beings. I know many god believers can have harsh personal views towards those who are not cool with their god illusion thinking but this is obviously bad behavior not something those of us wish to be champions of reason should act in kind, but instead forward prosocial behavior.

However, while atheists may tend to hold more value in humanistic behaviors, there are times atheists that they think they are better than theists as persons and they use such thinking to justify poor or bad behavior like character assassinating theists (something I strive to not do) instead of just nonstop reasoning with them even if they irritate or make one upset (something I do strive to not do). I don’t feel I am somehow inherently a “better” person in general. Moreover, though I am or can be highly humanistic; I am still human and I am somewhat arrogant, though I do try to manage this by working to be humbler.

Furthermore, I know none of us have all the good people but theism commonly allows or motivates: ethnocentrism, racism, sexism, classism and homophobia. Not that atheism is free of such things but it is not as freely expressed without challenge. Many atheists, can be prone to striving to be a “better” person because we doing have some divine forgiveness, so carefulness or consequences aware is mandatory (value, good, or morality of an action judged by its consequences). And we atheists, do tend to be more driven to value productive human archived answers or scientific solutions as well as are more prone to adhere to humanistic behaviors.

And many religious, on the other hand, can feel justified to attack all perceived as “OTHER.” Therefore, such non-sound thinkers can be or may tend to be driven to value the nonproductive pseudo assistance of some reality devoid holy doctrine, god of choice, a communal magical, superstitious or supernatural identity to archived answers or solutions obviously are conserved in emotion, delusion, misunderstanding /misinterpretation or wild unfounded speculations as well as are more prone to adhere to humanistic behaviors.

It cannot be stated enough that how we think is as important is as how we behave. Therefore, all thinkers should strive to be our best not just in thinking and reason but in character and behavior as well.

By Damien Marie AtHope

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