Why Do So Many See a Need for “Religion”?

Religious belief is really nothing special, in fact it can be said that religious belief is a geography issue and not because of any truth in the belief. This is evident in how 73% of the world’s religionists live in countries in which their religious persuasion makes up a majority of the population Pew Research Center studies show. So, stop thinking you were somehow blessed to be born into the one true religion. Ref What power would religion have if indoctrination of children was illegal? What support would religion really have if its power was seen as requiring the indoctrination of children? What should it really take for one to justifiably or reasonably believe, as in the sense of what is thought to be necessary to move from propositions for beliefs to a sensible standard of reached knowledge? What amount of a stumbling block to reason would religion be if it was understood as mainly a group of indoctrinated victims who were prayed on as children who then continue the indoctrination of their children? And what threat would religion be if people finally acknowledged that all religions need indoctrination to survive and thrive as well as see them for what they largely are which is myths and propaganda? Some religious believers try to say that they can use logic to prove god(s) but don’t be fooled by this argument from a false premise as there is no evidence, not just no evidence of existence, there is not any evidence to even think about what a god could or could not be if one was even though to possibility exist, if a contradictory and confused claim termed god(s) could exist. A deductive argument can be thought of as valid if and only if the truth of its premises entails the truth of its conclusion. A deductive argument can be thought of as sound, if and only if the deduction is both valid and all the premises true. Ref To me religion is not only not valid it’s more like organized lying, it is a con job of the most widespread and intrusive order, it produces mental slavery all the while claiming to offer freedom to its slaves. When dealing with faith believers in public I do try to break down the reason and evidence that faith or any flawed thinking is in error. I don’t assume everyone is educated or can think in a way that is educated. I myself though have a college education I am also largely self-educated, but I strive to be a lifelong learner. So of course we often need to brake things down and teach others good reasoning, I too had to learn better reasoning. To me, we are not just fighting against a myth belief; we are fighting bad reasoning and to me trying to expose the lies and teaching them critical thinking and to do that can help them see the errors as you do…

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