My Personal Mission Statement:

• Bestow unbounded love and affection to my wife Shayna.
• Embark to be a friend and show friendliness.
• Instead of just trying to talk, work more on listening.
• Where I see, unrest try to bring peace..
• See positive thinking as a way of life and acceptance as a virtue.
• Thirst for knowledge from others and strive to understand my inner self.
• See hardships as a way to growth and learn from my mistakes.
• Only engage in situations that do not compromise my integrity.
• Stay open to both criticism and admiration, learn from them what I can, see that they both can have value and do not just react to them.
• Be quick to praise others and give correction not criticism.
• Honor those who help me by helping others.
• Hold my ethical values above my desires but don’t stop my desires just trying to please others.
• If I do not stay open and willing, I will stay locked out of life.
• Continuously assess my thinking and actions always strive for improvement.
• Strive to remember that true respect is not given, it can only be earned.
• Strive to remember that even if I obtain everything outside but lose everything inside myself, I am truly deficient.
• Strive to remember that the ultimate proof of my success will be what positive change I can produce in others.
• I must strive to be a man quick to act in times of need but slow to react in strife, wanting to be thoughtfully measured not impulsive.
• I now see if I want to make a difference in the world, I must first make a difference in myself and always try to support others in their quest for change.

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