HUMANISM: the philosophic thinking that humans can solve human problems by human means, without feeling a need to appeal to the likes of holy books, mystical anything, nor the belief in gods or religions. But, instead, aspires to a true belief in humanity, viewing it with a persuasion of equality. This caring realist thinking found in humanism utilizes an unstated assumption or aspiration, to do no harm as much as posable and to do good whenever one can.
“Damien, IMO – The link is skepticism which leads to humanism and atheism.” – Challenger
My responce, well, IMO – The link is rationalism which leads to humanism and atheism. A skeptical attitude is doubt or question as to the truth of something’ so skepticism is doubt or a call for proof it is not a positive fact confirming endeavor, that is rationalism.
“Fair enough. How can one be rational without doubt?” – Challenger
My responce, I do value reasoned skepticism (methodological skepticism as a useful tool as part of my rationalism if rationally warranted something one needs rationalism to determine). So, to me all skepticism needs the balance of rationalism but one can be rational without doubt (Methods of Knowing), if doubt is not required or if one uses critical thinking, a form of rationalism just like logic. To me as a rationalist I basically insist that all truths must be filtered through reason before they can be accepted as true.
Damien Marie AtHope

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