I am Responsible?

I am responsible for my thinking and behaviors. I am responsible to care, as I am not alone and others have value. I am responsible to be a better me, and helping to make a better we, so society is a place of human flourishing for all. I am responsible to ensure a higher ethical awareness than the one found in the society I am from, to improve a better humanity for all. I am responsible to make a better world than I was given and I am starting with me because I am responsible. I have made many mistakes in my life but the most common one is being resistant to change. I wish to be more, to be better, as I desire my openness to change if needed, not letting uncomfortable change hold me back. I have an inquisitive mind, so I am an Atheist. I am a compassionate heart, so I am a Humanist. I see people matter and have value, whereas gods don’t matter and are not valuable. This is because people are real, gods are not. Simply, there is no magic to save us. We must help save ourselves and each other. We are all responsible!

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