“Damien, I want to ask you a few questions, is there Justice in Life? Is life Fair? Because atheistic mindset makes life sounds as if there is no justice in it?” – Questioner
My response, we can make Justice in life as Justice involves fair, caring or respectful behaviors etc. there is no karma nor any supernatural anything working on our behalf if that is what you are asking.
“Damien, I’m just saying that if that’s the case, then theistic mindset could offer more satisfaction in life.” – Questioner
My response, it is the case and magic beliefs of any kind can add to how things feel and so to does denialism and romanticism or idealism where no gOD is required. But that is meaningless as lies are still lies, saying lies feel good; does not change the fact they are lies.
“Damien, I’m a deist… But if I gave you the theistic view, this God wouldn’t force people into joining his side..” – Questioner
My response, if your beloved god does not add or insure Justice in this life it is doing nothing, nothing more than a godless universe and that is all you can know. Saying that there is anything else is making stuff up that you not only don’t know you have no way of knowing.
“Damien, well I don’t see that atheism is bringing any justice either.. Enlighten me if I’m wrong..” – Questioner
My response, atheism is not claiming to but it’s a conclusion that Theism and it’s baseless arguments fail so it’s not trying to. People are who can and cannot engage in acts of kindness, love or justice so its closer to an Atheism line of thinking compared to some theistic one where magic non real world unproven supernatural powers or beings are said to do such things as well, but this is evidence devoid empty assertions nothing more.

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