My general thinking in relation to my Axiology assumptions:
Intrinsic Value:
(such as human rights)
Extrinsic Value:
(such as relating to its accuracy, truth, quality, what value that is produced, Its use-value, or an added level of its agreeableness or desirability to it)
Systemic Value:
(such as how things may improve or worsen in relation to time. Things like rape rightly motivate our outrage not simply for the harm of the moment of the violation. No, most thinkers mildly inclined towards ethics could see. Such an awareness or expanded effort to understanding it could realize that the tragic harm or strain it can have throughout a lifespan. It is this and even more, like how it puts more fear or stress on others who hear of this, see this, or personally/emotionally connected to them. Too many people under such assault to one’s dignity that rape is. And for those victims of such oppression, too often it brings all kinds of potential body shame or self-hatred. Yet it doesn’t end there, others just seem to stop caring altogether. I feel for them all. Not to mention I am sure I would miss some that others could add. Etc., Etc., Etc.)

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