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I am not only an anti-theist, I am an anti-religionist. I have very strong views but my humanity guides me, not my thinking about people’s choice of after or other world beliefs. I actually am not a Communist, I am an anarchist humanist, I am, “people before profit” and “ethics before ego” and some say I am a Communist, cool. I am me, if it connects with others great, if not, ok, that is life.

I actually support the world following the social ways of the animists in Africa as they the most beautiful in humanity. I don’t believe in animistic magic thinking but the humanity thinking is amazing.

  • I want to make something clear as I can, as simple as I can, even though I classify Animism (animated and alive from Latin: anima, ‘breathspiritlife‘ or peoples’ “spiritual” or “supernatural” perspectives. Potentially, in some animism perceives, all things may relate to some spiritual/supernatural/non-natural inclinations, even a possible belief that objects, places, and/or creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence, and/or thinking things like all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words— could be as animated and alive ref) as the first expression of religious thinking or religion, it is not less than, nor is it not equal to any other religion, or religious thinking. I see all religious people as at least animists any way, so everyone is at least animist, how could it be less than other religions as all other religions have at least some amount, kind, or expression of animism. Animism, +? is what I think about all that say they are spiritual or religious in thinking. Regardless if they know it, understand it, or claim it, they all, to me, an animistic-thinker, plus a paganistic, totemistic, and shamanistic-monotheist, calling themselves a Christian, Jew, or Muslim, as an example of my thinking. Animism (is the other-then-reality thinking relates to, thus it is in all such non-reality thinking generally.
  • Furthermore, I actually am impressed by animist cultures in Africa, others have seen them as primitive or something, help with that, they are revolutionaries with women’s rights, child rights. I mean if I had to choose a religion it would be animism only like in Africa so I don’t look down on them nor any indigenous peoples, who I care about, as well as I am for “humanity for all.” I challenge religious Ideas, and this is not meant to be an attack on people, but rather a challenge to think or rethink ideas, I want what is actually true. May we all desire a truly honest search for what is true even if we have to update what we believe or know. I even have religious friends, as I am not a bigot.
  • I class religious thinking in “time of origin” not somehow that any are better or worse or more reasoned than others. No, I am trying to help others understand how things happened, so they understand, and for themselves can finally think does the religion they say they believe in, still seems true, as they believed before learning my information and art. I am hoping I inspire freedom of thought and development of heart as well as mind as we need such a holistic approach in our quest for a humanity free for all and supportive of all. Until then, train your brain to think ethically. We are responsible for the future, we are the future, living in the present, soon to be passed, so we must act with passion, because life is over just like that. I am just another fellow dignity being. May I be a good human.

Here are a few of what I see as “Animist only” Cultures:

“Aka people” Central African nomadic Mbenga pygmy people. PRONUNCIATION: AH-kah

“The Aka people are very warm and hospitable. Relationships between men and women are extremely egalitarian. Men and women contribute equally to a household’s diet, either a husband or wife can initiate divorce, and violence against women is very rare. No cases of rape have been reported. The Aka people are fiercely egalitarian and independent. No individual has the right to force or order another individual to perform an activity against his or her will. Aka people have a number of informal methods for maintaining their egalitarianism. First, they practice “prestige avoidance”; no one draws attention to his or her own abilities. Individuals play down their achievements.” ref

“Mbuti People”

“The Mbuti people are generally hunter-gatherers who commonly are in the Congo’s Ituri Forest have traditionally lived in stateless communities with gift economies and largely egalitarian gender relations. They were a people who had found in the forest something that made life more than just worth living, something that made it, with all its hardships and problems and tragedies, a wonderful thing full of joy and happiness and free of care. Pygmies, like the Inuit, minimize discrimination based upon sex and age differences. Adults of all genders make communal decisions at public assemblies. The Mbuti people do not have a state, or chiefs or councils.” ref

“Hadza people”

“The Hadza people of Tanzania in East Africa are egalitarian, meaning there are no real status differences between individuals. While the elderly receive slightly more respect, within groups of age and sex all individuals are equal, and compared to strictly stratified societies, women are considered fairly equal. This egalitarianism results in high levels of freedom and self-dependency. When conflict does arise, it may be resolved by one of the parties voluntarily moving to another camp. Ernst Fehr and Urs Fischbacher point out that the Hadza people “exhibit a considerable amount of altruistic punishment” to organize these tribes. The Hadza people live in a communal setting and engage in cooperative child-rearing, where many individuals (both related and unrelated) provide high-quality care for children. Having no tribal or governing hierarchy, the Hadza people trace descent bilaterally (through paternal and maternal lines), and almost all Hadza people can trace some kin tie to all other Hadza people.” ref

Proto Religion: Superstition around 1 million years ago, to Pre-Animism 300,000 years ago, & then Animism Religion 100,000 years ago

Around 500,000 – 233,000 years ago, Oldest Anthropomorphic art (Pre-animism) is Related to Female

The Emergence of Pre-Religion 300,000 years ago, with Pre-Animism?

Pre-Animism: Portable Rock Art at least 300,000-year-old

Homo Naledi and an Intentional Cemetery “Pre-Animism” dating to around 250,000 years ago?

Neanderthals “Primal Religion (Pre-Animism/Animism?)” Mystery Cave Rings 175,000 Years Ago

130,000 years ago – Earliest evidence for burial and it’s Neanderthals…

Did Neanderthals teach us “Primal Religion (Pre-Animism/Animism?)” 120,000 Years Ago?

Over 100,000 years ago or so, Southern Africa, in the Land before and the beginning Time of Animism? 

Animism: an approximately 100,000-year-old belief system?

Explaining the Earliest Religious Expression, that of Animism (beginning 100,000 to 70,000 years ago?) to Totemism (beginning 30,000 to 3,000 years ago?) in Southern Africa 

Animism: a belief among some indigenous people, young children, or all religious people!

Animism and Totemism Religion Migration to Australia relates to the Transfer from Neanderthals to Humans

Understanding Religion Evolution: Animism, Totemism, Shamanism, Paganism & Progressed organized religion

Similarities and differences in Animism and Totemism

Energy = god, spirits, and/or afterlife? NO, and such thinking is misplaced animism magical thinking nonsense.

Yes, you need to know about Animism to understand Religion

Sky Burials: Animism, Totemism, Shamanism, and Paganism

Animism, Totemism, Shamanism, and Paganism

Art by Damien Marie AtHope

Less Imperialism Worship in Prehistory/History, PLEASE 

7,000 years of Class Conflict, Class War Struggle Ain’t Nothing New! 


I love when people of Statism-worship persuasion, love saying, things are

so bad and we need to lower the struggle, I think what the delusion are

you talking about, it has always been class war, crazy fucker, you know,

for about 7,000 years ago of oppressions forced on us at the end.



Your embracing and supporting “white privilege” makes me sick!!!


Anti-White racism isn’t a thing? What do you mean by that? 


Hell YES, America is a Racist Country!!! 

Two Atheists, One an Ex-racist Discuss Racism (YouTube Video)

Can we do better?

Reparations for Slavery, American Terrorism?

Reparations for Jim Crow, American Terrorism?

Reparations for Red Lining, American Terrorism?

Reparations for Lynchings, American Terrorism?

Reparations for Unarmed Shootings, American Terrorism?

Yes, I believe we should!

A Study Finds 4,000 Lynchings in Jim Crow South, Will U.S. Address Legacy of Racial Terrorism?

Such vile American-Terrorism, So horrific, I totally support reparations.

“One Day”

One day we will be humanity, free of the shackles of separation. One day we will be free of the dark postcards of the past written in the suffering and hate of others. One day we will aspire past the strangling grip of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, and egocentrism that removes the humanism from the greatness available to humans. May I not be a silent watcher of such travesty but a champion of the possibility of change. May we all rise to the lofty goals of true human flourishing and live as one. I hold my heart high hoping for that one day when the love of unity will be who we are as humanity, free from the shackles of hate that now so easily separate and enslave us.

Behold the beauty of the horizon; that one day could be now!

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