You need to believe not have justification supported by facts to believe and you should read facts then see if you still believe without evidence.
You likely never choose to believe because the evidence convinced you or even reserve belief until after reading the entire holy book of the religion you now claim.
No, you most likely are similar to me and many others rased in religion and thus where told by someone you trusted, “we believe this or that”. Then we say okay and believed like we where told without any evidence, no we believed just as we where told in claim after baceless claim.
Don’t get me wrong I was no better. I lived my life doing the same thing you are by believing the unbelievable and only demanding evidence we likely will reject if it goes against our beloved unbelievable, yet challenge everyone else who has a different unbelievable claim if it’s a different religion.
I myself did finally read the bible two different versions as an adult and still it took schooling on religion and the bible to finally see it for the lie it is and how I only started believing as I was told to and indoctrinated to believe.
Seek truth and stop supporting the lies of religion.