“Damien AtHope here is a good question for you. Not. My own, As an atheist what do you believe? What happens when you die? Where do morals come from? How did the universe begin? Aren’t you afraid of going to hell?” Challenger
My responce, we cease to exist when we die, Like all life we have a desire to survive and flourish. Morality is evolutionary and psychologically a prosocial behavior acknowledgment exhibited in many animals as well as babies at an undeveloped state and we develop both cognitively as well as socially and integrate this into our moral reasoning, personality/experiences, and group expectations, to what many call morality. I dont know what started what caused the bigbang around 14 billion years ago but it’s most likely naturalistic in nature as at every level ever tested it is nature not once has nonexistent magic been a better answer, ever. Why would I feel a myth made out of fear of death.