Bhagavad-gita, seems to look down on atheists (godless), well I am an atheist and I look down on the bhagavad-gita. lol
Bhagavad-gita, CHAPTER 16: The qualities of the godless (demonic/unenlightened) result from bondage. Life after life the foolish come, births from the godless, as they head for the worst destinations, three gates of hell: lust, anger and greed. The godless disorderly ones do not know how to begin or where to stop, they are unclean, do not know to behave and have no truth in them. They say that the universe does not really have a purpose, that it has no ruler, that it did not come into existence from god. Less intelligent, having lost themselves being complacent with this godless outlook, do the less favorable activities flourish and does their work lead to the unfortunate of destroying the planet. Confiding in lusts that are insatiable, in hypocrisy, arrogance and driven by false pride, one, led by illusion, takes to the non-permanent of material things and thrives in dedication to the impure.

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